Friday, December 31, 2010

Photo Number 410

My handsome husband purchased some old photos for me as a stocking stuffer..he has pretty good taste in old photos.  He purchased these from an Antique Shop in Dorset, Minnesota.

Ida and August Johnson  Dorset Antiques

John William Wood the photographer was in business in Lake City, Minnesota from 1884 to 1894.  I think that this photo is from the second bustle period which was from 1883 to I think we can narrow down the date from 1884 to 1889 for the date this photo was taken.  It does not look like a wedding photo to veil or flowers..but her ring is prominent and she is holding it in front of her.  The gentleman is very duck footed..his toes point outward. This is a cabinet card.

Ida and August Johnson back of photoI believe this says Ida Peterson Mrs. August Johnson

Sister of Axel, Carl + Anna, Otto 1st cousins of

Jacob + Eric Andrew Mary  

Is this a photo of Ida and August Johnson..perhaps?

Thanks for stopping by, do come again!  The blizzard is still continuing here in Minnesota..Happy New Years Eve!:)


  1. What a great stocking stuffer. Very interesting photo. Wishing you both a blessed new year. Smooches for Chance from Harriet!

  2. Happy New Year!!! Hope the thumb is getting better and the stitches come out without Chance gnawing them out!!

  3. I found quite a few (33) August & Ida Johnsons in the 1900 census, with a few in MN, WI, ND, and SD. One couple, married in 1890-1891 resided in Ottertail county...close by. I am off to do some errands, but will get back to this later, unless Iggy beats me to it. ;-) BTW, I think this could very well be a wedding photo--not sure if all weddings had veils & flowers in the photos; my 2nd great grandmother, a widow, remarried in 1889, and there were no flowers in their photo that I recall. ~Abra

  4. This one is difficult - the kind that Abra really shines researching. However, I found "the family" to start with in the 1880 United States Census.

    United States Census, 1880 for Nils P. Peterson
    Residence: Marine, Washington, Minnesota
    Birthdate: 1844
    Birthplace: Sweden
    Relationship to Head: Self
    Spouse's Name: Anna Peterson
    Spouse's Birthplace: Sweden
    Father's Birthplace: Sweden
    Mother's Birthplace: Sweden
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Martial Status: Married
    Age: 36 years
    Occupation: Farmer
    Household Gender Age
    Father Nils P. Peterson M 36
    Mother Anna Peterson F 34
    Child Amanda Peterson F 13
    Child Ida Peterson F 11
    Child Carl Peterson M 8
    Child Mary Peterson F 6
    Child Elof Peterson M 4
    Child Axel Peterson M 2
    Child Otto Peterson M 5M

    This would mean Ida was born abt. 1869.

  5. I would love to see his watch and her brooch.
    Very happy couple wouldn't you say?!
    Happy 2011.

  6. it's thunderstorming down in LA (Lower Alabama) and it's 64 degrees F. Hard to light New Year's firecrackers around here but we're rejoicing for the New Year anyhow. Happy New Years!

  7. This one has me stumped. Given all the names, you'd think it would be easy, but when I find what might be a match, there is always something that doesn't quite work out. I am starting to wonder if the husband's name is right on this photo. i have found a number of Ida & August Johnsons, but can't quite figure any of them to this photo. I'm not giving up yet, of course...;-) ~Abra

  8. I don't feel so badly now if Abra is stumped too.

    My best guess is that August Johnson was born in 09-Dec-1868 in Holland, Sweden. He appears in the Minnesota 1895 census as a Farmer and Grocer.

    I think Johnson, August E and Peterson, Ida E were married in Kandiyohi County on 5/29/1896 (which would 'almost' agree with the estimated date of the lost picture).

    If so - and I admit - this is a long shot... this is the entry in the 1920 United States Census for August E Johnson:

    Residence: Hennepin, Minnesota
    Estimated Birth Year: 1870
    Age: 50
    Birthplace: Sweden
    Relationship to Head of Household: Self
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Marital Status: Married
    Household Gender Age
    Husband August E Johnson 50y
    Wife Ida L Johnson 49y (L? E?)
    Child Sherman W Johnson Male 3y 11m

    ...indicates they had at least one child (late in life) - but I've found no trace of Sherman.

  9. And the mystery continues...I figured the August and Ida married in Kandiyohi Co. were married too late, as the photographer only had his shop until 1894. Also, when searching for Ida in 1920, I didn't see the posting you listed...odd, I'll look again. I did find one in the 1900 census (not the same one, I don't think), in which Ida and August Johnson lived at 5th Street Southwest Mpls. They do fit the profile, being married in 1889. I originally dismissed them, as it stated in the transcript that her mother was born in Wisconsin, not Sweden. I should have looked at the image a little closer, because her mother was listed as born in Sweden. This could be our Ida & August--trouble is I haven't found them in other censuses...ughh! They do have two daughters, Lilly, 10 & Minnie, 8, so I will try to see if I can find them, as it is conceivable they have left home by the 1910 census. I haven't had any luck in family trees yet, either....but I am not giving up yet. ;-)

  10. Abra, your Ida Johnson, mother of Lily and Minnie is listed as Widowed in the 1910 US census. They would be this family:

    August Johnson (Aug 1866 d. before 1910)
    Ida Johnson (Jan 1870)
    Lilly Johnson (Apr 1890)
    Minnie Johnson (Feb 1892)

  11. 1900 US Census shows Ida's parents, Nils/Nels and Anna living in New Scandia Township, Washington, Minnesota where they had some more children!

    Josephine A Peterson (Jan 1882)
    Esther L Peterson (Apr 1886)
    Lillian J Peterson (Mar 1888)
    Anna A Peterson (Dec 1891)

  12. Gee whiz, you are good! We will get this one figured out yet! It might help if I didn't get sidelined--I am sort of mixing it up with my own family research today.:-)

  13. I've given up trying to track down a Johnson - and started looking at the Peterson men - thinking it would be "simpler". Huh! No.... not so...

    Chars. "Carl" F. Peterson (11 Nov 1873)
    Frans Elof Peterson (29 Nov 1875)
    Axel Alfred Peterson (23 Feb 1884)
    Otto Edwin Peterson (07 Jan 1880)

    I found a son of Axel A. Peterson (wife Emma) named Howard - and lost the trail there.

    The other two ... Well, I found about 4 Elof Petersons and a like number of Otto Petersons - and can't figure out which (if any) are Ida's brothers!


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