Thursday, December 23, 2010

Photo Number 405

I have searched a whole year for Christmas Photos..they were few and far between this year.  I had to settle for Christmas Greetings.  This is a Real Photo Postcard.
1911 Christmas Greeting Grandfather with new grandchild and daughter..most likely.
1911 Christmas Greeting Two
Best Christmas Wishes from the parties on the other side..from Mr. ( written in a different hand)   It is addressed to Mrs and Mr S. Gunderson City.

It was sent from Lake Mills, Iowa in December of 1911.  There used to be a stamp but someone removed it.. it is a Velox Real Photo Postcard..this particular postcard paper was used from 1907 to 1914.
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  1. What a sweet photo and I would love to have that lamp!

    Hope your thumb is feeling better today. Merry Christmas to all there!

  2. I hope you thumb is on the mend!!

    This Christmas card doesn't look too Christmassy does it? :)

    The town of Lake Mills is was known as "Center" back in the day - as it is the center of Winnebago county Iowa. It is the only "city" to be found for miles!

    The Gundersons were very prolific - I did a quick look at the 1910 census and they numbered into the several dozens - A "suburb" of Lake Mills (I use quotes because I'm sure it was/is just a cross-roads) by the name of Norway had a "typical to what I saw" Gunderson family:

    Father Nels Gunderson 69y
    Wife Engeber Gunderson 58y
    Child Gust Gunderson 34y
    Child Gunderson 33y
    Child Albert Gunderson 29y
    Child Benard Gunderson 27y
    Child Lars Gunderson 25y
    Child Ida Gunderson 20y
    Child Johan Gunderson 17y

    A set of Gunderson's in the "city":

    Husband Sener Gunderson 38y
    Wife Julia Gunderson 33y
    Child Ole R Gunderson 11y
    Child George L Gunderson 9y
    Child Gladys S Gunderson 7y
    Child Alfred Gunderson 5y
    Child Selmer G Gunderson 3y
    Child Joseph R Gunderson 8m

    They would have needed a fleet of Winnebagos to fo camping.

  3. Two things amaze me about this card: (1) and we thought we all were so clever "inventing" personalized Christmas cards in the 1980s [at least that's when I became aware of them...even have one of me and my spastic ex-cat], (2) "City" was sufficient for the card to reach the people...the very abbreviated nature of the postcard addresses pops up again and again...amazing.
    Thanks for the lovely card. What beautiful memories it must have represented. What hope it conjures up.

  4. Very nice card. It may not be Father, Daughter and those years my grandfather was 39 when he married my mail order bride grandmother who was 19!

  5. Must have been a nifty/collectible stamp if someone seperated it from the postcard. Kind of a bummer :(

  6. Mailed the Postcard to Kristine in Omaha Nebraska October 22 2012 :)


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