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Full Circle 18

One of the first overlands foreign language

This old photograph that I featured last August..Photo Number 269… has finally found its way home to Norway.

One of the first overland two We all struggled with the translation ..until one day a fellow by the name of Jo came by, he is from Larvik, Norway.

He translated the card:

I guess norwegian ;)
Here, I send a ugly ghosts of me and my boy and Marie Darb to you
we took this (picture) in Wonderland a while ago.
I was sick this summer, so I look bad in it. I have now recovered, hope i can stay well now.
its a shame that you dont like it (there), Johan.
Because time always seems longer.(goes slower)

He also sent more info:

Marie Elisabet Darbu born 15.09.85 emigrated to New york from Christiania (Oslo) with the ship (Hellig Olav) in 1907.
home town was Fiskum.
registered as un-married.
purpose for travel was to make money

This was enough info for Iggy to find a photo..which he then handed off to Abra..and she left a message with the tree holder at

I heard from Janne:

Pretty sure this is our family. Marie went back to Norway and married here - and her last name became Fiskum.
The language that is written is Norwegian.

Then she sent this story about Marie:

The story about Marie Darbo.
She was born as a illigitimate child - and that was a big shame here in the 1880`s. It was even written in the old chuch books that she was born outside marriage. Her mother left her when she was around 2 years old - she grew up with her grand parents and their children. Her mother lived in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I think that when she went to visit - she was only introduced as family from Norway. I think that because the family found in the US did not know that they had family here.
I have been told that Marie was a very nice and sweet person with a big heart. She married my husbands grandfather and lived here in the house I am living know.
She got arthritis. Her youngest son, my father in law, nursed her at home. She died in 1963. She did have contact with the family in the US - but it was never talked about. We have many pictures from America - some of them are unknown.
Last winter I started sourching at the internet and I found anchester after her mother. So we have family in Saint Paul, Portland and California. I have not managed to find the family that are living in California. I and my youngest son was in US this summer and meet the family in Portland and Saint Paul - it was great to meet them. So know there are many who knows Marie`s story.
Wishing everbody a Merry Chrismas!


Recently I heard from Janne again:


It came yesterday. Thank you so much!

I will email you some of the picutures I have - with persons I do not know who are. But I will do it after Chrismas - it is so busy now!

Merry Chrismas to you! Janne

As you can see..this photo had to make it through the hands of many people to find it’s took some time but it was finally accomplished!

Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. Fascinating history and amazing what it took to return this photo.

  2. WOW!! It is fascinating to hear the stories behind these pictures and get a little understanding of the travels the photo (and the subject) have taken. ~Abra

  3. Goodness me! I have so enjoyed finding out all the different histories that have come about from you posting this photo up. I hope you are enjoying the holidays. x

  4. What a stinking remarkable story! I suspect this is in the top 5 of my favorite blogs. Thanks for taking the time and effort (you and your followers) to do some detective work.

    This is simply fascinating.

  5. How wonderful you found found family for the picture.

  6. I'm amazed this one went full circle - and am thrilled it did!

    It is incredible, the stories behind each and every picture - if they can only be told.

  7. Another success, against all the odds - well done :-) Jo

  8. Great job! It's lovely that Janne tells the story with such tenderness. Love survives and its connections are healing.

  9. What a fantastic job Connie, Abra and Iggy!!! You must be proud of your efforts to reunite old photos with their families. I know I am proud of YOU! :-)


  10. Oh, my goodness! What a miracle you are creating in the lives of people around the world! You are my s-hero, and you have inspired me to go through all the old photos we have received from family members, and have no idea who many of the people are. Once my scanner is working again, expect lots of photos from me. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your blog. I found you while searching for ancestors, and 'stumbled' upon your site. I'm not a blog-reader (except for those by family members), but I think I'm going to make an exception in your case.


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