Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Greeting!

Merry Christmas Aunt Ellies Front

This is an old Christmas Greeting from 1913.

Merry Christmas Aunt Ellies back Alden Iowa December 20, 1913  To: Mr + Mrs J.L. Dewitt Leigh Iowa

Mr + Mrs J. L. Dewitt  Dear Bro and Sister I thought I would drop you a few lines to let you know we was all well at present  I hope this find you all well we was somewhat disapointed in not seeing you of corse the weather was bad but we will look for you in the near future Trusting we will hear from you From David and Nora W?

Merry Christmas to all those reading today!  Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. What a neat old postcard! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. I love old postcards like this. So often they seem to have an oval or circle, or even some other "window," to set our focus on an image that draws our thoughts homeward. This one is beautiful.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, too!

  3. Alden and Lehigh Iowa are about 45 miles apart - and about 65 miles north of Des Moines.

    David and Nora were Mr. and Mrs. Warman (1910 United States Census) and they were about 53 and 47 years old when they sent this postcard.

    I assume the brother and sister (Mr + Mrs J. L. Dewitt) are either her brother and sister-in-law, or his sister and brother-in-law.

  4. I spent a bunch of time trying to figure this one out yesterday and sort of gave up in frustration. I too, found the Warmans, which is odd, since there is no last name on the card, while I did not figure out the Dewitt's first names, which would make this easier to figure out. I do know that David had three sisters: Mary, Rebecca, and Lizzie. I eliminated Mary & Rebecca as Dewitts, but have not yet eliminated Lizzie. David & his 8 siblings were born in New Jersey and at least one of his brothers lives in Alden at the same time, but not sure if the whole family moved there. ~Abra

  5. I've been lurking for a while. Thanks for your blog and the hard work you put into it. I hope you had a very merry Christmas!!

  6. Apparently, J. L. Dewitt was a minister of Merrill (Iowa) First Methodist Church (1924-1926). Merrill is about 175 due west of Alden.

    He and his wife had a daughter, a Miss Muriel DeWitt, who married LeRoy H. Rowse August 5, 1925.


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