Sunday, December 12, 2010

Full Circle 15

Some time ago I featured an entire family of photos..some were connected..some were question marks.  I called it “The Mystery of Aunt Fan.”   Thanks to Iggy, I was able to follow up a lead he gave me and I made contact with a family member by the name of Ruth.  The photos were mailed to her quite some time ago..I finally had to call her to find out if she received them. Yes, she had..she knew of the Ben Franklin connection to this family and recalled thinking that Hanna Hannant was the funny name of her Great Grandmother whose maiden name was Hanna Clarissa Franklin.
In most instances I do not charge anything for the this case there were eleven I asked to be reimbursed for my cost which was 2 dollars each.  She sent a check this last week and I will cash it and purchase more photos.
Aunt Fan Lister Age 17 GR Fan Lister GR Uncle Bill Lister GR
Photo Number 337             Photo Number 338        Photo Number 339

Ida Hannant Barnes GR John Barnes GR Alf barnes GR
Photo Number 340             Photo Number 341         Photo Number 342

Mrs Wall Bennett Wall Bennett GR Bennet girl GR
Photo Number 343              Photo Number 344         Photo Number 345

Eddy Ryther GR Fred Hickle GR
Photo Number 346              Photo Number 347
The photos were sent to Ruth who lives in Texas.  Her Grandmother Edna Mae was Fan and Ida’s sister, so that makes Ruth a Great Niece of Aunt Fan’s.   The Bennets, Eddy Ryther and Fred Hickle’s  connection to Aunt Fan still remains a mystery so does the identity of the person who marked them with the same fountain pen. I wish we could have learned more from family members. 

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Update: February 15, 2011
A CD copy of these photos was mailed to Jaimie the Great Great Granddaughter of John and Ida Barnes. See Full Circle Number 22.  

Update: July 05, 2012
A CD copy of these photos was mailed to Suzie a Great Grandaughter of John and Ida Barnes.  See Full Circle 55


  1. Brilliant news, I love it when they get returned home! :-)

  2. Hello,I'm a Türkish woman, I have been married to my best friend too, Far Guy for 22 years. I follow your blog and ı like it. Esp, your
    phtos very beautiful.

  3. It seems everyone's hair is getting much of my attention today.

  4. You and Iggy are a great team! Kudos to both of you and anyone else who helped return these photos to family members. Keep up the good work.

  5. That is quite a set of pictures - I like how you laid them out in this entry!

    I hope they are happy in their new home. Maybe someday someone will crack the Bennet-Ryder-and Hickle connection. Hmmm... put that way they sound like a law firm. :)

  6. Great job Connie & Iggy!! How awesome for Ruth to get such a great collection!!

  7. This gave me goosebumps of happiness. BEAUTIFUL!!


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