Thursday, December 30, 2010

Photo Number 409

This is another Real Photo Postcard from the Laporte Antique Shop. I thought the message was too good to pass up.  Think of what a treasure this would be for someone today..a child or a grandchild of poor homesick Liz. 
Swimming Pool ILL 
The swimming pool in Carthage, ILL.
Swimming Pool ILL Two Laporte
Dear Mom and Dad  This is the swimming pool I cryed Sunday so much me and Billy went swimming I allmost cry everyday do not cry I Love you Love Liz 
It is addressed to Mr and Mrs M Witthoef  it doesn’t appear that it was ever sent..but it could have been tucked inside an envelope or in a package.
This postcard is from before 1963, that is when Zipcodes were first used, before that a Postal Zone number was used.  
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Update: Iggy located Liz.. I will mail her the postcard..we are in the middle of an ice storm/ may be a few days till I get out of here:) 

Update: Jan 02, 2011
I mailed the postcard to Liz today :) 

Update: This postcard went Full Circle 21 on February 07, 2011


  1. 800 miles from home and homesick.

    I've reason to believe the name is Witthoeft as there are a number of them living in Devil's Lake.

  2. The M is Marvin. Billy is Marvin's son William Witthoeft. I found a lead to the family - I think both Liz and Billy will want this card! I can only imagine how much teasing Billy could do if he got it.

    Marvin passed away in 1998 near Lake George, Minnesota (which might explain how this card ended up in the "local" antique shop.)

  3. Homesickness for sure. Sweet and adorable though.

  4. This is great.

    Most of our lovely, local pools are being destroyed and replaced by spray parks. Dud! I suppose the cost to maintain these wonderful pools is straining the local coffers. What a shame.

    I'll be interested to see if Billy is found.

  5. My name is Liz. Thank you for finding this postcard! What a surprise! It brought tears to my eyes. I was 7 years old when I wrote this postcard to my parents. My brother (Billy) and I spent the summer at my older brother's home in Carthage, Ill and, as you can tell, I was terribly homesick. We had an estate sale this past summer at my parents home in Lake George, MN. This is such a treasure returned back to me. Can't thank you enough!

  6. Hi Liz, I am thrilled that you want the card! I will mail it to you at your Troy, Michigan address. The Antique Shop that I got this in is Daves Shop down at the Kabekona Corner..the mailing address is Laporte. That is only about 8 miles down the road from Lake George. The next time I am in there I will tell him where the postcard ended up at! :) Connie at Forgotten Old email is under my profile at the left

  7. How cool is this? So glad the postcard and Liz are being reunited!! ~Abra

  8. So awesome that Liz was found and will have this again!

  9. Amazing!

    Connie, you and Iggy make a great team.

  10. How sweet - well done, yet again :-) Jo

  11. I think it is so great you found the owner!!! What a surprise for her. (poor little homesick thing!)


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