Sunday, December 26, 2010

Full Circle 17

Mrs Ernst Guhr Milwauke RAS copy           Mrs Fred and Mrs Ernst
Photo Number 399 Josephine  Photo Number 400 Bertha and Josephine (sisters) 
These old photo found their way home in time for Christmas.  Iggy and Abra were both instrumental in finding relatives. The photos went to Ed who is a Great Grandson of Josephines. Photo Number 399 was quite I sent a copy of it that I fixed in photoshop.
Dear Connie- thank you so much for taking the time to send me the photos of my great-grandmother. She looks so much like her daughter Evelyn (my grandmother) when she was a young woman. Thank you for the hard work and kind thoughts of all of your friends and associates in reuniting memories of the past with their families today. Merry Christmas!

Thanks Iggy and Abra! You are great researchers!
Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. What a gift for this family's Christmas! Way to go Connie, Iggy and Abra.

  2. I am completely amazed by the research that happens as a result of your daily posts, and it thrills my heart whenever you post a "full circle"!

  3. Oh Connie--what an amazing gift to give a family at Christmas! Stranger in the box, no more!!! I am delighted to be part of the effort to bring our world a little closer together, one photo at a time. ~Abra

  4. Given a lot of the drama that this family has had - I feel particularly well-satisfied with being of some help getting these pictures back to the family.

    I nearly had to walk away from this one -


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