Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Photo Number 392

A Joyce Jr Pam The photo today is a young family with two little girls, they are close together in age..they might even be twins.  I think this photo was probably taken in the late 1890’s because of the poufy sleeves on the dresses.  This is a cabinet card, and the dark green color card was popular in the 1890’s.

The photographer is A. Joyce Jr. of Housatonic, Mass.  This is another of Pam’s photos.

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  1. Beautiful site, i like so much!
    I have some pictures of this type

    Kisses from Spain :)

  2. I can see where little girls get their urge to wear boots later on - those are really nice ones they have on - and the matching clothes - I agree that they look "twin-ish". :)

  3. A thrill and a thing of pride, having a picture taken in those days. It still can be. Those were the charming, early days of photography. Thank you, for sharing!

  4. I adore this!
    I am in love with the 1890's.

  5. Is it just an illusion or does the foot of the girl on the left look odd to anyone else? It would be her left foot.


  6. I believe this is a memorial photo as well. Families would pose with the deceased in a lifelike pose. Often they would paint the eyes open after the photo was taken. Sadly I think this little one did not survive to adulthood. Soo sad. You can see clues. The closed eyes the placement of her hands and feet.


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