Monday, December 20, 2010

Photo Number 402

This is a photo from the Flea Market in Wadena, Minnesota.  It was in a glass frame and I could not tell it if was a tintype or is not.

Photo in Glass  Frame WFM

I was intrigued by the glass is missing one of the protectors on the corners..

Photo out of Frame  WFM

  Of course I had to take it apart to see if there was a name on the back..there wasn’t. She must have had her hair pulled back in a large fabric bow that shows on her shoulder. The white collar of her blouse looks stiff and unyielding, I wonder if it is one of those removable collars. Her blouse has lots of pleating down the front.

I will guess that this photo is from around 1910 to 1920. I will also venture to guess that she is a young girl about 14-15 years old. 

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  1. She is stunning! I always wish I could see more....more of their hair, their clothing, etc. Wouldn't this have been the perfect photo to have a mirror behind her to show her hair in the bow?

  2. Such intensity behind those eyes! I wish we could get to know her. :-)~Abra

  3. A poof hair style- it seems to have come back recently. Shes so handsome in my opinion and she looks rather to be in her late teens to me. More like 17 or 18...but then I'm not a good guess of age.

  4. I don't think I could put this picture where I see it every day - those haunting eyes would make my skin crawl eventually.

    Is this frame and matte style what they call Art Deco? it seems "so retro-modern".

  5. I love the art deco frame. I believe that exhibition was in 1915 or so? She must have had a lot of hair to accomplish the bouffant without any of our modern hair products! No spray, no mousse, no gel. And it also looks so silky and soft at the same time. Wow.


  6. She does have a very intense eyes


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