Friday, December 10, 2010

Photo Number 395

I received two photos from Gillian, they are foreign photos.

janegheejanearnot Gillian wrote:

This is my maternal grand mother Jane Ghee (nee Arnot) (standing) and my maternal great grand mother Jane Arnott.
Jane is our family name for girls and it has been handed down to my sister and now her daughter.
I just LOVE this photo.  I love how they are dressed and how they took pictures so seriously!

The second photo is a picture of a group of Sunday School children at Kilmarnock Baptist Church in Scotland, United Kingdom.  One of them is my Aunt Jane Ghee but I'm not sure which one.


Large group photo are hardly ever marked.. so they become part of the “Forgottens.”  The thing that I noticed about this group photo was the little girl on the end with the open or perhaps ill fitting coat..everyone else looks prim and proper and many have hats. They must be dressed in their “Sunday Best.” 

I enjoyed both of these photos..I enjoyed seeing the fur trims on the coats..back in their day they were very elegant. I will guess that the fur coats are from the 1920’s..a time when one button coats with large fur trims were very popular. 

I am not a fur expert but the smaller fur appears to be Mink and the larger fur looks like Fox to me.  Input is always appreciated!

Thanks Gillian for sharing your old photos!

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  1. This will be an interesting exercise for someone with sharp eyes and face recognition skills! Maybe print out the picture of the church group and "X" out the obvious "no, it can't be them" (like all the boys!) and see who's left over - just eyeballing it, I think there will still be a good handful of possibles.

  2. I do love the coats. You know, if hides were harvested from animals that had died of natural causes, animal rights people wouldn't have anything to say and people could still enjoy furs and the real warmth they provide. I own a coat so I know firsthand- 1 layer of wool and fur is warmer than five layers of faux stuff. And it's heirloom worthy.

  3. Are you certain that Auntie Jane is in the group photo? The group photo looks as if it was taken in the 1930s. Could there be another possibility?

  4. the second photo would indeed be in the early 1930s.

    My Gran Ghee has her first child when she was 16 and her last when she was 40.

    Thanx for featuring my pix.

  5. I love the photo of the 2 Janes. My grandma, the original Dolly, had one made of Persian lamb. I was very little and didn't make the connection with a real lamb. But it was a long long time ago. I agree with Laurisa and I'm a vegetarian.


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