Friday, July 17, 2015

Photo Number 1958

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Alie Austin Dl ant

We rarely see a dress with a patterned fabric, it looks like the outline of light colored flowers.  This dress also has a leather belt. The dress is gathered right at the bust line and looks to have somewhat dropped sleeves.  She has a pocketbook in her right hand.  Her long hair appears to be caught up in a pony tail and swept over to her shoulder.

Alie Austin Dl ant back  

Alie Austen or Austin

This photo looks western to me…Montana maybe…just a hunch.  I have rarely seen a photo like this one.   She looks to be maybe 18 years old?  What do you think?  The photo was probably taken in the 1880’s to 1890’s.  I bet she ordered that material for the dress.

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  1. This could possibly be Allie Elizabeth nee' Cotherman Austin

    She had a lot of brothers and sisters, as did her husband, Oren Sydney Austin - although I couldn't find any in the Detroit Lakes area after a superficial search.

  2. Interesting observations and photo indeed. Greetings!

  3. I dunno...she does look pretty young. But with her hair down, and the relatively simple dress, it seems to have more of the innocence of an unmarried girl.

    Would Alie be short for another given name? Alice?


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