Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Full Circle 123

This Full Circle began with an email .

March 15 Hello, the Ustmos were my great Aunt and Uncle.  Annie was sister to my mothers mom, Minnie.  I would love this photo! Thank you!!  Lauri

Mar 16

Hi Lauri, I am happy to send you Photo #1598  Joe and Annie Ustmo.  I will need your mailing address.  Connie at Forgotten Old Photos

Thank you so much!

Wonder how this could have gotten to Detroit lakes... What a mystery! 

Mar 16

Hi Lauri, I will get it ready to mail.  Did you do a search to find it?  I am always curious to know the process!   I hope you will share something about Joe and Annie so I can share it with my readers in a Full Circle Post after you have received the postcard in the mail. 

People often sent greetings to relatives far away in the "olden" days.    Connie

Mar 19

Hi Lauri , I got the Postcard mailed today you might have it by Saturday...Monday for sure.  Please let me know when it has arrived.  Connie

Thank you so much.  I will write the story to you after it arrives 

April 22

Hi Laurie, Did the postcard arrive safely?  Connie at Forgotten Old Photos

Apr 23

Hello!  Yes it did... Thank you.  I need to find a minute to write a little story about it.  I haven't forgotten...:)


Joe and Anne Ustmol Postcard  DL Ant Number 1598 (2)

Joe and Ann Ustmo  Photo Number 1598

I can add the info when ever it arrives. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Wow... 5 full circles in such a sort time! *Does snoopy dance!"

    I hope we hear more about the Ustmo's!

  2. Looking forward to the story. Laurie, what the heck is taking so long for a follow up?

  3. I often wonder that myself: how do these photos end up where you find them? Yes, I know people used to send photos to their friends and relatives, but you know me...I want to know which relative sent it to whom. Some of these photos went a short distance, but some of them seem to have traveled half the continent.


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