Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Photo Number 1956

This is another photo from Dave’s Antique Shop in Laporte Minnesota.
Might be Chas Weeks and wife Laporte ant
This is most likely Chas. Weeks and his wife( I say that because her hand is touching his arm.)  I will guess the photo was taken 1900-1910.  The photo is not marked, but I believe it is Chas.  If it isn’t him then it could be his brother.
Chas Weeks Laporte antMumber 1944 two photos
This is Photo Number 1955 that was presented yesterday.
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  1. He is seated in the same chair used in the second photo in Photo 1955. I think in that photo he is wearing an Army hat.

    William Charles Weeks married Elizabeth Lewis (May 1872 - Aug 1963) on 22 Oct 1904 in St Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota. The couple had two daughters, Nancy and Mary Matsey. He attended the University of Minnesota, graduating in 1901.

    The other man in the photo might be William Charles Weeks' brother Allan Lydiard Weeks (24 Nov 1879 in Minneapolis, Minnesota - 31 Mar 1962 in Alameda, California). Allan lived in Long Beach most of his adult life working as a surveyor and civil engineer. He also attended the University of Minnesota.

  2. The father is Find A Grave Memorial# 100914854.

  3. Going by the photo in

    I got the wrong dude. :(

  4. Oh, too bad! Well, at least it's helpful to eliminate possibilities, too :)

    I thought of Charles the minute I saw today's photo. If it's his brother, I'd say it would have to be a twin brother!


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