Saturday, July 11, 2015

Photo Number 1952

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Jenkins Minnesota.

Bette might be a wedding Jenkins Antique shop

Does she look like she is pushing him down in that chair?  He wears a black bow on his suit.  Originally I thought this might be a wedding photo but the more I thought about it…I think it is just a photo. I will guess it was taken about 1890.

Bette might be a wedding Jenkins Antique shop back

Bettie M. Hanger and Rob Falls  Spottswood  Aug Co VA

J.M. Hill Photographer  Bridgewater VA

Aug = Augusta County

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  1. There was a Bettie M. Hanger in Spottswood in the 1900 census, the daughter of Elijah J. and Mary M. Hanger. That Bettie was born in December, 1880. However, there was also another one, born in 1878, who died in Augusta County at the age of 14 in 1892. There might have been more...

    As for Rob Falls, well, he's not as easy to find. That's a name claimed by enough people to make it a challenge to locate the right one.

    I was wondering if perhaps this was some sort of engagement photo, so I played around with marriage records for a Falls/Hanger wedding, but no luck there. Maybe someone will come up with the right stuff ;)

  2. It looks exactly in the style of my great-great grandparents wedding photo. In that photo, she is holding him down in the chair just that way. It's made us giggle for years. Fun to see this.

  3. I think Jacqi might have the right Bettie M Hanger (the first one) but it might be the one in Find A Grave Memorial# 11898067. Either way, who was Rob Falls?

    There is a Bettie Falls with brother Rob (called Bobby) so maybe sister-brother and she married a Hanger?


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