Friday, July 3, 2015

Full Circle 120

This Full Circle began with an address from Iggy.  I mailed off a copy of the blog on March 19, 2015.  I heard back on March 29 2015.

Greetings Connie,

We received your letter yesterday regarding the old photograph of Charles Rae Muttart, who married Pauline Alberta Hemphill in May of 1919.  This is, indeed, a relative of my husband, Patrick.  In fact, it is his paternal grandfather!  How exciting to learn that there is a photograph of his grandfather out there when he was a young man.  We would most definitely be interested in the original and would not hesitate to reimburse for postage and handling.  One of my husband’s memories of his grandfather was going to sit on his lap while his grandfather told him stories.  The result is my husband is now a great story-teller.

Thank you so much for contacting us!

Susan and Patrick

Charles Muttark Craigs Number 1851 (2)

Photo Number 1851 Charles Muttart


Mar 29

Hello Susan and Patrick, I will get the photo ready to mail in the morning.  Please send me an email after it has arrived safely.  I am so happy you want the photo!!   Connie 

I hope they received the photo!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love the part about how her husband became a great storyteller! Just lovely to see a gift passed down through the generations!!

  2. What a wonderful heritage to have that love of story-telling embedded so deeply, thanks to time spent with a relative. What a difference this man made for his grandson. So glad Susan and Patrick shared that memory with us.

    It's also wonderful--actually quite amazing to me--to see how these old photographs surface and turn out to be images unknown to current family members, once they have been alerted to the photograph's existence. I would have thought the original would still be in possession of the family, but time and again, the thanks of grateful recipients shows otherwise. This is such an invaluable service you provide for people, Connie! Especially to see youthful images of relatives only remembered from their older years.

  3. I wish there had been more story telling in my family - my Dad never knew most of his - and there aren't many stories.


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