Sunday, July 5, 2015

Full Circle 121

This Full Circle began with Iggy finding an email address.

He wrote:

I emailed the grand-daughter (I think) of the woman that was the teacher in this photo.  Hopefully you will hear from her soon.  Karl (Iggy)

I heard from Karen later that day.

Yes!  It is a photo of my Grandmother!  Amazing!
Thank you for making it available.

Dear Connie,
Did my comment come through with the old photo site?
Monmouth Iowa. My grandma was primary teacher and grandpa  James VanHorn was the Principal.

Hi Karen, Wonderful to hear from you!  Thank you for sharing the information!   I will add it to the comments. 

If you would like the photo I am happy to mail it to you, I will need your address. 

I found it interesting that a married woman was teaching!  Usually they were single gals!  

I think the photo was taken about 1900 or 1901....what do you think?  


Dear Connie,

I found that interesting also. My mother had to quit teaching in 1929 at the end of the school year after marrying.  Grandma had a large class and I assume they needed her for that year.

You may be right about the year 1900 or a bit earlier. How did you come to have the photo? It is all amazing.  I will send you a photo of their home in Monmouth. Jim and Lulu VanHorn married August 12,1896.


School Kids  Joans

Photo Number 1918

Hi Karen,  I got the Monmouth photo wow that is a wonderful family treasure! 



Monmouth Iowa

This is where Jim and Lulu went to housekeeping.

Lulu  & Mae Panuska on the porch

Jim standing by old Fannie.


I went on to explain how I came across the school photo.

I got the school photo from a gal that buys estates.   She said they were all local people and no one in this area would want the photos so she gave them to me.  (She owns an antique shop and went to High School with my husband.)

I have no idea how it got to Park Rapids, Minnesota. 

I usually write a Full Circle Post after you have received the photo, if you have anything to share about your Grandparents that would be wonderful!  Hopefully I can get your permission to use the old photo you sent.  That would be wonderful, and I am certain my readers would appreciate it also!

I will prepare the photo for mailing and hopefully get it out in the mail Thursday or Friday.  Our local Post Office is only open  for a short time in the mornings.


Jun 5

Hi Karen, I mailed the photo this morning.  You should have it by Tuesday or Wednesday!  Have a good weekend!  Connie

Thank you, I sometimes contact County Historic societies or Libraries.  If I follow through I will see if someone in the Monmouth, IA area wants the photos.  before that however, where do you suggest I preserve them on the internet? 

again, thanks, you have opened up a new adventure.  Karen

Hi Karen, You are welcome.  As for storing the photo online. I am not sure.  I have a copy stored in my backup Simple Saves that I use for all my photos.   Maybe is a free download and you can access it from anywhere.  I used it when I was the Curator at our local historical museum:)  Connie

I received a check in the mail a few days later. With a note:  Connie, Thank you What a delightful surprise!  Karen

Hi Karen,  Thank you for the check it arrived this morning.  I will write the Full Circle post around July 1st...June is always wedding photo month on the blog.  If you have anything to share about LuLu I will be happy to use it.  Thanks again Connie

If any other relatives of the children in this photo want a copy I will be happy to email it to them.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a wonderful Full Circle story! So glad this one made it home...although I imagine with that list of school children's names, someone else is bound to stumble across this post eventually.

    Ah, wedding month. So that's why no Full Circle posts for so long! I was beginning to wonder. Glad to see there is more to come.

  2. I love that photo of the old house with the horse and buggy!
    Does "Jim and Lulu went to housekeeping" mean this is where they went to live?


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