Monday, July 6, 2015

Full Circle 122

This Full Circle began with a comment left on the blog.

Hey there! That's my great-great-great grandfather! Where did you dig that up?  Christopher

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Hey there!
As I mentioned, that's my great-great-great grandfather :)   His daughter was Dorothy. Dorothy's daughter is Marinell. Marinell's daughter is Catherine....who is my mother!  Where on earth did you find it?  So curious about the story.
Thanks for getting back to me,


May 22

Hi Christopher,  It was found in an antique shop in California probably near Sacramento.  A fellow by the name of Craig collected photos and tried to return them to family.  When he tired of the project he sent the photos to me.  I am happy to mail you the photo.  I will need your address.  Connie at Forgotten Old Photos

June 3 Hi there. Sorry for the late reply. I can't wait to show my grandmother :) Thanks ever so much! C-

Willie Alec Porter Pink Back CP Number 1531

Willie Alec Porter  Photo Number 1531

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  1. Goodness a whole bunch of full circles!!

    I wish I could have seen the Grandmother's face when she saw the photo!!

  2. I love to read the Full Circle posts. They make me happy to know a lost photo is being sent home.

  3. I agree with Tired Teacher. These Full Circle posts are so uplifting! And yes, Iggy, I would love to see Christopher's grandmother's face, too. What a wonderful surprise!


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