Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Full Circle 124

This is the last Full Circle for a little while.  I am caught up I think! If I wait too long in between Full Circle posts I forget the particulars unless I take notes.

Sometimes Iggy will find an address and phone number for me.  I used to call people but I have found that some are more receptive to a letter along with a copy of the blog post that their relative is in.  My feelings are less hurt if they throw the letter out…versus a phone call when they say they want nothing to do with the relative.

This Full Circle began on May 15 2015 when I mailed the a copy of the blog post to North Carolina, that ended up in Florida.

Isabelle  Craigs Number 1899 (2)

Photo Number 1899 

Isabelle Gerber   Ben Gerber (it is faint)

Mrs Levi Moushberger?? Moeschberger Meshberger

Raymond  Eddy & Janettes Mother

Isabelle  Craigs back Number 1899 (2)

I like to get mail too!

Dear Connie,

I am sorry for taking so long getting back to you.  I found your letter in the stack of mail awaiting me on my release from health care.  Since Feb. I have had two heart attacks and by-pass surgery and yes I would like to have the picture.  I will share the picture with my Aunt Jeanette, who is 96 and lives in Berne IN at Swiss Village (assisted living)  All the other children are gone Herman (died 4 days), Raymond (age 70’s), Edward/Eddie (age 70’s), Clarence (age 80’s), Denver (My father age 93 born in 1913) and Jeanette born in 1919. 

Levi and Ella buried at RME Berne, IN.

Last name was Americanized pre WWI original spelling Moeschberger to Meshberger.

David ( Ella is his Grandmother)

I mailed the photo on June 22 2015.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great news, Connie. You have refreshed a lot of memories for families in the 124 Full Circles and brightened the lives of many people. Bravo!

  2. Well, I can't say I'll ever overdose on Full Circle stories, but you certainly have had quite a few, all in a rush! Hopefully, there will be more to come, soon, but a break is understandable.

    I can imagine "cold calling" could be rough--even if you aren't selling something. I can see where letter writing would be the easier route. Or email. Much easier on you. Besides, once people realize what you've done for them, it does turn out to be quite a treat!


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