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Photo Number 1174

These are the last of the photos of Hazel.

Hazel 1908 18 years old

Hazel Ferguson 1908 she would have been 18 years old.

Hazel 1908 18 years old back

Then the photos  stop for a long time.

Twenty years later.

Hazel December 1928  38 years old

December 1928 Hazel would have been 38 years old.

Hazel 41 years old in September 1931

Almost three years later. Hazel in September of 1931.

Hazel 41 years old in September 1931back

At 3215 Cutter Way Sacramento Calif  September 1931.

What do we know about Hazel?

Hazel was born in April of 1890 to J. H. Ferguson and Emma Waldron Ferguson.

Hazel Ferguson married Phillip Farley.  Then she was married to Lloyd Rackerby.

Jim H. Ferguson ( Hazels Father) died  March 4, 1914 in Sacramento California.

Death Notice (unknown paper)
FERGUSON - In this city, March 4, 1914, James H. Ferguson, husband of Emma J. Ferguson; father of Hazel Farley; a native of Virginia, aged 63 years 8 months. He is buried in Sacramento California at the Oddfellows Lawn Cemetery.

Hazel Rackerby nee Ferguson (b. 28 Apr 1890 in California d. 8 Jan 1961) Hazel lived to be 71 years old.

I cannot find a grave for Hazel.


What do we know of Emma?

She was born in Maine in 1853 and came to California when she was ten years old.  She married Solomon Haslam in 1868 when she was 15 years old. 

Sol married Anna sometime around 1880.  Their first child Herbert was born in 1881, their second in 1882 and Maud in 1886.  Sol died in 1886 he is buried with his brother. During 1885/1886 he shot a man named Ruben Brooks in self defense and shortly after that court case he died.  His wife Anna inherited his claim, she quickly remarried in 1888.

I  can speculate that Emma divorced Sol when she was somewhere between 19 and 29 ..remember that one photo that says she was unmarried when she was 28 or 29 in 1881/1882?

She married J.H. Ferguson sometime before 1890 when Hazel was born. They lived at 610 O Street in Sacramento California. James H. Ferguson died in 1914.

Emma Jane Ferguson shares a burial plot with her husband James in Oddfellows Cemetery in Sacramento California.  She died  on October 25, 1945.  She would have been 92 years old. ( Can you imagine the stories that she could have told??)

This has been an interesting adventure.  Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again:)


  1. Fascinating! I love your blog!

    Clare xxx

  2. Great set of photos with interesting stories.

  3. This has indeed been fascinating. I wonder how these photos ended up unclaimed? Did Hazel not have any children? Stories like these and the fact that I too collect all these orphan photos make me worry about all my own family photos. Are my grandchildren and great-grandchildren going to someday just put them in a box and get rid of them? :-(

    1. That worries me too..although many of my old family photos have been featured on my personal they will go on as long as the Internet does:)

  4. Hazel appears to have had no child. While she eludes us in the 1920 US census - and we can't be sure - the Emma and Alvena Waldren/Waldron lines appears to have both died out (pending determining what happened to Elaine Beryl Bratton).

  5. I just noticed something odd. Hazel's husband Lloyd Wheeler Rackerby died on the very date Hazel died, 8 Jan 1961.

    1. Iggy, I think I remember seeing something like that, too, and wondering about it. I can't quite remember where I saw that, but seems it wasn't an original source document but secondary source. That's probably something that needs revisiting.

      It's sad to see a family line seem to die out. Seems incredible, but from what I'm learning on another line I'm working on, it is possible.

      We may have to go up another generation and then work our way down to find any relatives...distant cousins who might not be interested in the photos. Even so, this photo collection certainly represents an untold story and personal history--still interesting to know!

  6. If no relatives show up after a while I think I will contact the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library in Irwin Iowa and see if they would like them to go along with the bible of Ashby T. Waldron (Emma's Father and Hazel's Grandfather)..but for now we will await some relatives:)

    1. Thanks for all of our work bringing this family back from history. It's been a fascinating look...

  7. I looked up those two addresses. Sacramento has a long history and of course it is the state capitol of California. The first address on O street is gone. O deadends into a parking garage, and where the house would have been is 7th Street. There is a beautiful home on the corner that must have been around when 610 was around, but the area is being developed for business as it is very close to the capitol building. Cutter Way remains and the house is yellow with purple trim, according to Google street view. :-) The photo might have been taken in the back yard as the windows in the front do not match the style shown in the photo. It looks to be a beautiful, tree lined area with lots of parks and schools. Hopefully Hazel helped establish the lovely area it has become. -- Norkio


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