Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo Number 1178

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Solway.

Children with hats by river Solway

Seven children all in hats..most likely all girls.  Do you suppose those are twins in the pram?  Every time I see this photo the hymn “Shall we gather at the river” starts playing in my head.

It was a beautiful setting for a spring photo.

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  1. Love this.
    I'm glad I'm old enough to remember wearing hats to church on Sunday and getting a new Easter outfit (with a new "Easter bonnet") every year.

  2. I love this photo! The two in the crib look a might unhappy but it just adds such a flavor to the setting! There are people on the bank (dam?) in the distance near the house. The wooden bridge is really cool! I wonder where this little lake and park(?) were!

  3. I really like this photo. I wonder if anyone else viewing these old photos create quick movie scenes to explain the image. I do & think it would be a fascinating treatment of film.

  4. Looks like that river hit its high water mark. I had to look twice at that tree. Wonder if it was a late Easter that year with lots of snow thawing all at once...

  5. How very sweet. I love this photo.


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