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Photo Number 1168

This week we will look at some of Craig’s Photos, he mailed them to me last spring.
This group of photos is all related.  Mainly they are two people through the years.  Emma and Hazel.
We will start at the beginning.  With Emma.  Todays photos are all CdVs that at one time must have been in an album.
Emma age 13 or 14Emma age 13 or 14  back
Sonora Cal in about 1866.  Emma was born about 1853.  The back of the card reads:  Dress Cashmere she braided it.
Emma 14 or 15 in 1867 to 1868Emma 14 or 15 in 1867 to 1868 back
14 or 15 years old..1867 or 1868  Sol bot first silk dress
Emma and Sol Haslam  in 1868Emma and Sol Haslam  in 1868 back
Sol gave her the gold belt buckle + the money to buy the satin for this dress.
Emma ( age 15) + Sol Haslam ( about 38)
This photo must be from about 1868. 
Personally I don’t see much difference in her from year to year.  Her hair style stays the same as does the photographers studio..flooring, scenery and style of card.
Did she marry Sol Haslam ?  An older man..he is old enough to be her father.
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Update: Solan Haslum was found in the 1870 census as a miner in Tuolumne County California.  He was 38 years old, born in Maine.  He lived with other miners including a WA Haslum who was 64 and born in Denmark.

I found some info on Sol.  He is buried in Tuolumne County in Columbia Cemetery.  

Solomon's name is not on the marker, but he is buried with his brother, J. L. Haslam who died in 1886.

The Haslam Brothers

Joseph Lee Haslam, Charles Haslam, and Solomon Haslam were from Waltham, Hancock County, Maine. 

They came to Tuolumne County in the 1860s, and Joseph and Charles were farmers. Solomon was a miner. 

Joseph Lee Haslam was born in 1831 in Maine. He married a lady by the name of Augusta who was also from Maine. In 1880, they had three living children, Nettie A., Mabel and Glenora. 

Solomon Haslam was born in Maine about 1833. He married Anna R., and they had three children. Their children were Herbert, Clarence and Maude. Solomon passed away between 1886, when Maude was born, and 1888, when Anna remarried.

Charles Haslam was born about 1835 in Maine. He married a lady by the name of Hattie who was born in New Jersey to Irish parents. If they had children, none were alive in June 1880.

Since Solomon and his brother are buried together perhaps they died at the same time. 

From Jacqi:
She lived in Fresno, and died in 1933, fortunately a copy of her obituary is retrievable on from the Fresno Bee Republican on May 14. It lists two daughters, a son, a sister and a brother, all whom survived her. She evidently came to California from Maine when she was about ten years of age.


  1. Beautiful clothes. I do wonder what the relationship was. Tuolumne County is centered about 100 miles east of Stockton, California - just of Yosemite National Park and also in the rough area the gold rush started at.

    1. Since you mentioned Stockton, Iggy, Sonora itself is about 65 miles from here...and yes, it is on the way to Yosemite. The area still retains much of that old West flavor from that Gold Rush era.

      Since you also mentioned that she lived in Fresno, and died in 1933, fortunately a copy of her obituary is retrievable on from the Fresno Bee Republican on May 14. It lists two daughters, a son, a sister and a brother, all whom survived her. She evidently came to California from Maine when she was about ten years of age.

    2. Jacqi is here sisters name Vene? A daughter named Hazel? :)

    3. The obit lists the two daughters as Isabelle Hunter of Riverdale and Marjorie Fleming of Vallejo. The son is Willard Haslam of Torrance. Also listed were a sister, Mrs. Mary W. Houlton of Santa Cruz, and a brother--now here's where we might get some helpful info--Franklin Hichborn of Santa Clara. However, the newspaper copy on that surname is blurry, so I might be wrong there. Since Emma came to California pre-marriage, the Hichborn name might help locate the family in census records.

      If it would help (for those unsure of their California geography), here are some connections for the cities listed. First, there are two Riverdales, so I'm presuming Isabelle's would be the one in Fresno County. Vallejo is northern CA and Bay Area, as is Santa Clara (San Jose area). Santa Cruz is a bit further south on the coast. Torrance is the outlier, being in southern California.

      Since I don't see any info on Vene or Hazel, I'm wondering if we have the same person. The obit doesn't mention her husband's name. I'll try taking a closer look at these records and see what I can find...

    4. Okay, I'll just add bits as I find them...

      If Franklin was this Emma's brother, Franklin was actually his middle name. His full name may have been Albert Franklin Hichborn, born November 21, 1869, in California (hmm...), and died August 16, 1947, in Sacramento. His mother's maiden name was given as Dole.

      This may or may not be our guy from Emma's obit.

    5. On the other hand, found a Franklin Hichborn in other records who was born that year in Eureka, California (up north) and happened to marry a Mable Houlton. Perhaps this would be the same Houlton family that Emma's sister married into???

    6. I'm beginning to doubt that this is our Emma and family. Found the 1910 census record in Fresno county. Emma is married to Albert E. Haslam. The census shows son Willard and daughter Marjorie A. However, the record shows Emma and Albert being married only 11 years, while Willard is now 20. Willard's parents' places of birth show as England for Albert, and California for his mother, while Emma is listed as born in Canada (with parents from Maine). This Emma is clearly Albert's second wife.

      Since the 1910 record also shows this to be Emma's first marriage, it looks unlikely that this is our Emma and Sol.

    7. Okay...I'm having no further luck right now. It's my guess that if Emma married Sol Haslam, and if he died as early as has been mentioned, Emma remarried, and may have had her daughter Hazel then. I'm not able to flush out any records with surname Haslam coupled with Hazel--although there are (surprisingly) several Hazel Haslams in the California death records...of course, those are married names.

      Second reason: if this is actually Hazel's writing on the photographs, she would naturally refer to Emma as "Ma" (as you showed in today's post), yet refer to Sol as Sol only if he were her mother's previous husband--not likely that she would have called her own dad that.

    8. The find a grave record for Sol Halsam is what has me bugged..there it says his wife is Anna. There were many Halsams in California.
      Ferguson is Hazels last name. Father is J. H. Ferguson.

      I think that Hazel is either Emma or Vene's daughter..depends on who married J. H. Ferguson.

    9. I believe I found some records indicating that it was Emma who married the Ferguson man. His first name is James, if I remember correctly. Will have to follow up on that. Still can't find Vene. Any idea what Vene might be short for?

  2. According to Ancestry.Com, this photo of C. Solomon and Emma is their wedding photo.

  3. Find A Grave Memorial # 74256552 says Emma J. Waldren was born in 1855 in Maine, died in 1933 and is buried in Fresno, California.

  4. P.s., WA Haslam was likely Willard Henry Melrose b. 1847 in Maine.

  5. All that braiding was hand attached. There is a technique called couching, where the braid is carefully stitched over, but this looks a lot like braid attached with small stitches that would not show. The beauty is in the pattern that she used. It might have been one she saw in a ladies magazine. --Norkio


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