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Photo Number 1166

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

Clyde Whipple

A family with a new baby and a little boy.

Clyde Whipple back

Clyde Whipple

I have no idea is this the Clyde Whipple family or if the photo was given to Clyde.

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  1. How sweet.
    We looked at a house for sale and there was a large photo of the mom and dad's hands holding a tiny, sweet!
    We can't find a thing we want!!!

  2. Worse yet--as I have so recently learned--Clyde could be the woman's name, especially during that time period. Do you think the signature seems particularly feminine? I can hardly read it...

    1. Could me it looks like a teenagers hand writing..Clyde is a gals name..who knew..just Jacqui! :)

  3. I was thinking this was the guy that was always squeezing the Charmin...

  4. Looking at the Clyde Whipple's in - there appears to be only a couple families where Clyde is the dad with a couple children.

    Clyde M Whipple b. abt 1867 in Ohio was living in Grove, Taylor, Iowa, with wife Minerva and two daughters. The baby would be Hazel b. abt 1899 - if this was "them."

    I wouldn't think this photo was that old.

    There is a Clyde W Wipple b. abt 1887 living in Kansas City Ward 12, Jackson, Missouri with wife Myrtle. They had two sons, Ward (abt 1916), then a daughter Clarabell (abt 1917) and another son, Grant born in 1920.

    Either way, this would make the "little boy" in the photo a girl... so the search continues. :)

  5. An enticing possibility is Clyde Joseph Whipple, b. 1 Dec 1902 in Colorado, living in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas with wife Eunice, with son Clyde Robert Whipple born 25 Jun 1926, died in Eureka, CA, and daughter Gloria b. abt 1928.

    Father Clyde in died Apr 1982 in San Jose, Santa Clara, California.


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