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Photo Number 1173

We continue on with photos of Hazel Ferguson, she is the daughter of J. H. Ferguson and Emma Waldren Ferguson of Sacramento California. Friends of Hazels  unknown year

Hazel Ferguson, Leslie Bruner, Laura Machlar, Fredia Bruter and Florence Switzer

I found info on one of the girls.  Leslie Bruner lived at 911 O street with her parents Elwood and Lillian, she was 11 years old in the 1900 census.  Her father was a Lawyer.  She had sisters named Edna, Gladys and Bernice.

From The 1900 census information I found that Hazel was an only child at the time of the 1900 census.  Her father J. H. Ferguson is listed as being a Machinist.

Hazel 13 years old 1903

Hazel in 1903  Age 13

Hazel  School Days 1905 15 years old

1905 Age 15

Hazel 1905 15 years old

Age 15.  She must have graduated from the 8th grade.

Hazel 1905 15 years old back

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  1. What an absolutely wonderful blog. Well done.

  2. Fascinating photos. She's very pretty.


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