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Photo Number 1170

We continue with a photo  from the Emma/Hazel group. Not married age about 28 or 29  1881 or 1882
Not married age about 28 or 29  1881 or 1882 back
Not married.  Age about 28 or 29.  Black Satin dress trimmed with black jet fringe.  She made it.
The year would have been 1881 or 1882
NOT Married.  What is up with that?  Is this the gal we call Emma??  It sure looks like her. Could it be her sister?  The photo was taken in Sacramento, Cal
Lets add another name. Vene.
vene age 27  1879vene age 27  1879 back
Vene born 1852  Age about 27 ..that would make the year 1879

Vene was born one year before Emma.  They sure look like sisters.

Both photos today are Cabinet Cards.

The more I look at these photos the more confused I get. 

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From Iggy:
Emma Waldren had a sister named Lavena\Lavina (b. 1853 and about a year older than Emma)


  1. An interesting mystery...

  2. Do you know Vene's last name from any of the other cards? Naturally, you'd suppose Vene to be Emma's sister, but looking at this from the perspective of Hazel, Vene could also have been an aunt from Hazel's father's side of the family.

    1. I know that Vene had a child. I have a photo that says Vene and ??? Carl or Pearl
      that would have been born in 1887/1886. I will post that photo tomorrow. :)

  3. just to muddy things up some more... :)

  4. Hazel Rackerby nee Ferguson (b. 28 Apr 1890 in California d. 8 Jan 1961) mother appears to have been Emma J Ferguson nee Waldren. There are "hints" that Emma was married Solomon Haslam. I'm thinking Solomon was married more than once - once to Emma and once to Anna.

    1. Maybe there are two Sol Haslams? Did he have two old and one young? Confusing for sure:(

    2. Surprisely enough, Sol Haslam claimstake is in the books (1872) and is located on Mormon Creek. Errr... maybe he was Mormon?

    3. If Emma J was married to Solomon in 1868/9 as asserted, she could have been married to him well before Anna. Anna's first child with Solomon, Herbert was born in 1881, their next child in 1882 which would imply they weren't married until perhaps 1880-ish

    4. You are probably correct Iggy Thanks! :)

  5. P.s., Emma Waldren had a sister named Lavena\Lavina (b. 1853 and about a year older than Emma)(could this be Vene?).


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