Monday, March 25, 2013

Full Circle 68

This photo found it’s way to Texas.  I am pleased that it went Full Circle!
Ole and Carrie Flea Market
This photo was in a frame and I kept it all intact.
Mary found the photo and a mystery was solved.
Mary Wrote:
I received the picture you sent of Carrie and Ole Engebretson, my great great grandparents yesterday.  Once again thank you so much for the ‘labor of love’ you spend so much time and effort with.  I hope you get many letters of appreciation from others who have ‘found’ their ancestors through your efforts.  The picture is wonderful to have, and it won’t be ‘forgotten’ again.
Ole Engebretson was born in Voss, Hordaland, Norway on April 5, 1835.  Voss is located in the western mountains of Norway.  Carrie Brynildsdtr, his wife, was also born there on August 21, 1831.  Much of the information we have found on them and their family Much of the information we found on them was from baptism records.  The next generation back was Ingebrigt Olsen, Ole’s father and his mother Martha Eriksdr, who was born in 1778.  Ole Haldorsen born in 1755 who was Ingebrigt’s father, and Inger Knudsdr, his mother.  One generation further back was Haldor Ingebrigson, Ole Haldorsen’s father.  You can see how the names carried on from one generation to the next, and we soon realized that the ‘dtr’ or ‘dr’ at the end of the females names’ names meant daughter.
Ole and Carrie had two children while still living in Norway.  They are a puzzle we’re still looking for the answer to, as there is no mention of them on census records once the parents immigrated to the US in 1857.  They moved to Decorah, IA area and had five children while living there, including my great grandmother Martha Christine on March 4, 1858.  Their last three children were born in Medo, Blue Earth, MN starting in 1869 and the last born in 1873.
Martha Christine married Nels Tobias Hoverson in 1878, and they had five children all born in Medo. MN, including my grandfather Hilmer Hoverson, who was born in 1879.  The Hoverson family also originated in Norway.  Nels Tobias was the son of Hover Sibianson, thus became Hoverson (Hover’s son).  Once the families were in the US their last names remained the same from one generation to the next.
Again, many thanks for the rewarding work you do.  We didn’t even know Carrie’s first name, (which we’ve now found listed as Caroline, Caren, Kari and Kary), before we found their picture on your site.  You can see how just that bit of information has helped us to find out so much more.
Sincerely, Mary
She also wrote that she does not know where Carrie and Ole are buried..possibly Janesville, MN. but they have not located a listing for them there.
She also speaks very highly of  Salt Lake City, UT and the family research center in Temple Square.
Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again:)

Mary heard from another relative (Darla) who shared this:
In 1867, 7 wagons left Decorah (?) Iowa for Wisconsin. They were driven 
by Ole Engebritson, Lars Severson, Peter Haug (e), Lars Falkadahl, Eli 
or John Germo, Barney Oleson and Ingebrigt Oleson who according to my 
grandmother was Ole's half brother. The cooked in a communal pot, hunted 
game for food, the whole "pioneer" thing. After reaching WI, Albert, my 
great grandfather, age 5, wondered off to check out the home stead and 
was left behind. It must have been some time before they counted noses 
and realized he was missing. They sent a rider back on horseback, where 
he found Albert sitting on a rock, in tears. When the gang, who I call 
the Medo 7, heard about land in Medo, they head there. I have no idea ; 
how long they were in Wi, but since Martha Christina was the oldest, she 
must have been born in Iowa. But where???? All we have for Albert is 
Iowa.  Ole and Thron Hoverson, your other great grandfather, we movers 
and shakers in Medo. Holding many positions (Ole was a postmaster) 
while building the town. When my great grandmother Nettie came to 
American  from Norway, she was working as a maid for Marshall Fields, 
when she got a letter from her brother saying, "There is a family here 
looking dfor a wife for their son, so get your ___ here ASAP." Ahh, 
romance...aint it great.


  1. I am thrilled this pic is no longer forgotten!

  2. That is a wonderful gift for that family to get connected to something like this.

  3. Wonderful piece of history.

  4. The joy is Mary's voice (letter) is priceless!

    I learned something new: about the dtr or dr at the end of the last names.

  5. What a wonderful letter from Mary--how rewarding it must be to get letters like that after being able to reunite an orphan photo with the family's descendants. Full Circles are always my favorite to read about here :)

  6. You can find information in old church records that are scanned. This is free to use. Here is the link you can use.

  7. I have a census record from 1870 (Jefferson Township, Vernon County, Wisconsin page 12) showing Hoover Sibianson on line 19 along with his wife and children on the following lines. My great-great-grandfather was on page 14 as Christian Sibianson with his wife and children. I believe Hoover and Christian were brothers. My name is David Sebion (our name was changed in the 1900's) and email is

    1. Nels Tobias was the son of Hover Sibianson, thus became Hoverson (Hover’s son). I think this is the part that David is refering to.
      I will look back in my records and forward the information if I still have Mary or Darla's email address.

    2. I sent both Mary and Darla an email today:)

  8. I did email some of the information I have about the Sibianson (Sigbjornson) family. The Hoover Sibianson he mentioned is listed as Havard Sigbjornson, and only a sister, Anne Berte Sigbjornsdotter is listed in the short paragraph I received about them from the historical society in Norway. That person sent me a long lineage along with some information and dates. He said the records are so complete because the information was kept from Lutheran baptisms. He listed ancestors back to 1602 and said I should let him know if I wanted more! Hopefully I can make copies of what I have and send them on to David Sebion. Mary Ellen Graham
    By the way, the picture of Ole and Carrie Engebretson is hanging in our bedroom now. Thanks again.


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