Monday, March 4, 2013

Photo Number 1154

This week we will look at some ladies dresses.

This is a carte-de-visities from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

CdV Prairie Dresses DL Antiques

I would call these dresses day dresses, possibly even prairie dresses.  The dresses have  a swag of fabric in the front that looks like an apron.  Mother and daughter..possibly. CdV Prairie Dresses DL Antiques back

W.L. Barnes made these CdV’s during 1868 to 1870 according to the Minnesota Historical Society Photographer records.

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  1. I love their dresses.

  2. I love their dresses too. And there are similarities like mother/daughter.

  3. The backs of some of these photographs are sometimes so ornate--I enjoy seeing them, too! Don't you wish you could still get copies of these pictures for only 25 cents?!


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