Saturday, January 29, 2011

Photo Number 438

This is a Real Photo Postcard that was found tucked into the back of the Nettie Parks Album.
Extra Old Woman Postcars Azo Triangles up
It is an AZO Postcard from 1904 to 1918.  It is not marked. 
Extra Old Woman Postcars Azo Triangles up A little old lady with a bit of a hair covering that is tied with ribbon under her chin.  That is some wild wall covering.  I wish we had some idea who she was..Nettie’s Mother Isabelle?   Does she look like an Isabelle to you..I don’t know..I do know that if I pick the date for this photo around 1910..and this woman is 60 to 70 years old that she would have been born around 1840 to 1850.  I think I recall that Nettie’s Mother was born in 1842. Of course lots of people were born that year, so it could be anyone.
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  1. Imagine that wild wall covering in Nettie's little house on the prarie...

    *giggles @ "does she look like an Isabelle"* She does look rather stern.. I'd have to say she doesn't look like a "Mary". I don't think I ever knew an Isabelle -

    Do you think some of these loose photo's may have been in the album sleeves and "fell" out (or were taken out for closer inspection) and never returned? It seems to me that at least 2-3 of them so far (like Photos 428 and 436) could have. Do you have enough loose photos of the "proper size" to fit the empty sleeves?

  2. She looks like an isabella to me. Her blouse seems to have a somewhat plastic sheen while her skirt seems more cotton or wool or linen.

    Nice wallpaper.

  3. Iggy, The Album sleeves are meant for cabinet cards. Of the extra photos only one is a Cabinet Card and it is marked. All the rest are Real Photo Postcards, tin types, CdVs and other photos that are either too large to fit the sleeves or too small. A cabinet Card is 4 1/4 inch by 6 1/2 inch.

    Photo 436 is 8 7/8 by 6 7/8
    Photo 428 is 5 1/4 by 7 1/2 :)

  4. @ Laurisa, her blouse is probably silk satin, which was the standard shiney fabric at the time, or possibly rayon. The skirt is probably wool or a cotton blend.

    I've never seen a photo presented quite that way. Interesting and yes, that is some crazy (but period accurate) wallpaper!


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