Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photo Number 426

Page 25 in the Nettie Parks Album.
Page 25 Mc Gee This is a cabinet card marked Mc Gee.
Page 25 Back of Mc Gee Aunt Belle
The photographer was H. G. Parcell of Kirksville and La Plata.  I had to look those towns up, they are in Missouri.

This must have been a photo that was meant for his Aunt Belle.  I will tentatively date this Cabinet Card in the 1880’s.

Do you suppose he was a music teacher?  At first glance I thought perhaps this was a foreign Cabinet Card…his hat and the baton in his hand made him look Swiss to me for some reason..( I read Heidi as a child and I have an overactive imagination! )  
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  1. My paternal grandfather's middle name was McGhee and my maternal Grandfathers surname is Ghee.

  2. For some reason, I am reminded of Fibber McGee and Molly, not that I ever heard them. My grandmother would shout, "Fibber! Fibber McGee!" whenever we grandkids started weaving a tall tale.

    I think we have a use for Ockham's Razor with this photo.

    The only "Belle"s we know of in this album is Nettie's mother, Isabelle Marian Mccomb and Harry Summit's wife. Given the time frame, Nettie's mother would "fit". As we know, Nettie's parents moved from outside Chicago to the far Council Bluffs suburbs were her father continued to farm.

    I've found at least one, very large family of McGee's living in and farming around Macedonia, IA.

    I have to draw pictures to see who would call Nettie's mom "Aunt", but any of her brother and sister's children would. Not that I know which of them might of married a McGee.

  3. Whatever he is holding seems far too big to be a director's baton. Maybe he worked with horses?

  4. What about a Master's (school etc) pointer?

  5. great picture, not sure what he is holding.

  6. Old McGee is a hustler and that's a pool cue he's holding. Watch out for McGee. He's slippery.


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