Friday, January 21, 2011

Photo Number 431

In between pages 28 and 29 there were a few odd photographs, A High School Graduation Program, a invitation and even a fancy advertisement.


Lets look at this photo first

Page 28 to 29 Inbetween Mamas Couisn This is one of those square cards where the photo was put on the diagonal. It is weird.  She is lovely..young I think and the front of her dress is very different.  She is Mama’s Cousin.

Page 28 and 29 Inbetween Mamas cousin back

Then we can revisit Elton L. Taylor and his High School Graduation  May 14 of 1924.

Page 28 and 29 inbetween HS Grad

Page 28 and 29 HS Grad front of

Page 28 and 29 Inbetween Program HS

There were only thirteen in this class. Their class motto was “Impossible is un-American”

Now for that fancy ad.

Page 28 and 29 inbetween General Ed F Jones

Page 28 and 29 Inbetween General Ed F Jones back

This ad is on thinner paper..but it is meant to look like a Cabinet Card, and perhaps something that people would hang onto..and apparently they did.  He sold scales to farmers.

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  1. General Jones has an entry in Wikipedia. He also sold farm implements. I'm not sure why the album owner would keep this ad though - which brings me to wondering about the family/social dynamics. Admittedly, we haven't puzzled out who the "cousins" are - but if Elton Taylor and the Summitts were not related somehow - surely they are more than neighbors?

    What I mean is this - I have many pictures - of family and places I've been, but I do not have fancy pictures of my neighbors - nor do I have they graduation materials.

    My question to your readers - does anyone think these "other people" are just neighbors?

    I wonder if Nettie (or the album owner) might have been a teacher/tutor, say, the piano or sunday church school or something, to Harry and Elton? Would that make having their pictures "normal"? Or are they related through some yet uncovered cousins - or are they "just neighbors" sharing life in a small town?

  2. I love that description of Jones (who pays the freight). That album has been a great find.

  3. I'm FROM Binghamton, NY and I'd never heard of Gen. Jones until today!

  4. Interesting blog! I found it through Far Side of Fifty which I found through Three Dog Blog (have you ever spent an afternoon just "blog-hopping?" :) Just wondered if you were familiar with the Forgotten Bookmarks blog (can't remember the exact address). I found it awhile back and thought it was so interesting. It's someone who works in a bookstore or library, posting things they find in donated books! Pretty fascinating stuff. But given your subject matter here, I bet you're familiar with it.

  5. I just remembered that I may have one of those square photos turned on the diagonal. I'm going to have to find it now!


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