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Photo Number 433

This Real Photo Postcard was found in-between pages 28 and 29.

Page 28 to 29 inbtween Uncle Sams two oldest

Page 28 to 29 Inbetween Back of Sams two oldest

Ok we have to break this postcard down into parts to understand it all.

I will assume that this was written by Mrs. Samuel Parks (Olive) and that it was sent to Nettie and Wesley Parks.  With one of Nettie’s daughters  writing in pen and and copying over part of the writing in pencil.

In Pencil: As I don’t know when we will get to see one another will send this to you.  You probably have seen someone it looks like.  August 18th 1910  From Elma + Howard To Their Little Cousins.

In Pen:  Samuel T Parks ( Theodore I think)  referring to Samuels Middle name.  Then a clarification about the children : Uncle Sam’s  2 oldest at Carson..and then Parks. Samuel T. Parks and his wife Olive’s two oldest children were Elma born around 1906 and Howard born sometime in 1908-1909.  That would make Elma about 4 and Howard about 2 when this photo was taken.

These two are just as cute as they can be, Elma with the big bows in her hair and Howard with his cap.


John W Parks and Elizabeth Cusick had a number of children.

Wesley (b. 1871 in New Jersey) Wesley married Nettie L Crandal Feb 13, 1896
Samuel Park (b. 1874 in Iowa) Samuel married Olive M. Debolt on  Oct 26, 1904

Harry (Mar 1883)
Thomas (Jan 1887)
Charles (Jan 1887) Charles married Viola Walker Parks June 17, 1914


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  1. Those two little kids are really adorable!

    In 1910, their little cousins would have been Lyle Parks 7 yo, Neal Parks 5 yo, and Thurston Parks 3 yo. I wonder if they got together to visit and play with other.

  2. They are just cute. No other word and I don't like using the word cute, but they are doggone cute!

  3. I have yet to find a photo of a child that isn't endearing in some way. These two are really adorable and I love the cap that Howard is wearing. Like a little newsboy in training. :-)


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