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This is a cabinet card..named as such because they were often displayed in a cabinet in the front parlor, or elsewhere in a home.  They were also put into albums that were specially made for them to be displayed in. This is a card that my husband purchased at an Antique Shop in Dorset, Minnesota. 
This one is by The Peterson Studio in Hutchinson, Minn..he was in business there from 1894 to 1895.
My Cousins Sealia and Lottie Reese
This cabinet card has scalloped edges..which is consistent with the 1890’s.  The ladies ring is prominent..and she has some kind of fru fru on the front of her dress. The sleeves of her dress are quite large..but they are unstuffed so they looks saggy.  She looks fairly young to me ..maybe 18. Could this be a wedding photo?  Perhaps..
My Cousins back Dorset Antiques The back of the cabinet card..My Cousins Sealia + Lottie Reese written in two different hands.
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  1. The fru fru looks like a bundle of carnations to me which may signify that this is a wedding photo.

  2. This is a great photo. Nancy is right, looks like carnations on her dress.

  3. She is very beautiful and yes, she looks rather young to me. I assume she is Lottie (or Charlotte).

    Sealia is a most unusual name - and perhaps a nickname also.

  4. Oh my goodness, I can't place it, but this man looks SO familiar--He definitely looks related to someone I know--I just can't put my finger on it. She actually looks familiar too. I need to think through it. Hutchinson is 9 miles to the west of me and where my kids claim I know "everyone," although I did not grow up there, but spent most a great deal of career years there. Can't pass up digging around on this one!! ~Abra

  5. Abra tomorrows photo is from Glencoe and relatives of these people :)

  6. Funny! That is the other nearby town where I work my seasonal job. My deceased neighbor had a sister-in-law married to a Reese. Should be a fun couple computer is acting up, so i hope I can keep it working...

  7. I am fairly certain Carlotta/Lottie is the daughter of James & June Reese, where we find her shortly after birth in 1875 census and forward until we find her listed as the daughter of Coleman & harriet Reese in 1895, 1900--problem with that, if you look at the census image, is that Carlotta is listed as born in MN, with parents born in Pennsylvania, while Coleman is born in Virginia & harriet in Canada, and son Charles born in Illinois. Both Lottie & Charles are listed as 24, both born in March of 1876. Of course none of that adds up, so I am guessing Lottie moved to hutchinson to work & live with relatives. I am going to go dig through the family trees a bit deeper. This will keep me intrigued during the Vikings game, which may or may not, depending on their abilities today. ;-)

  8. It appears from a family tree that James Reese passed away in 1882, which might explain Lottie living in Hutchinson, possibly "adopted" by her uncle. A couple things: I think Sealia is probably Celia (or Cecelia), though I couldn't find a related Reese. I also think this photo may have been addressed to "Sealia & Lottie Reese" but not certain. I looked at all the marriages listed for McLeod County for 1894, 1895, and 1902, but couldn't determine if any of them matched to this photo. Perhaps I will figure that out when I see tomorrow's photo. One more note, there was also a J.T. Peterson studio in Hutchinson--seems it may have only operated in 1902. Does that fit with this photo? ~Abra

  9. As a lover of old photos, many of which I treasure myself, I love your blog. Would love to know how you get your comments to show up. Can't get them to show up on my blogger blog.

  10. For the readers--a question. Do you think it was common practice for a family to adopt out just one child after the death of a parent? Carlotta was the second youngest in the family, with the last daughter born in 1879. I am thinking that perhaps Coleman & Harriet Reese were Godparents to Carlotta, as after James Reese's death between 1880 & 1882, his wife and the other five children are found living In Wood Lake, Yellow Medicine County, with her father, Jacob Barr. I still can't determine how Carlotta is related to this couple in the picture and still no idea who Sealia/Celia is. I guess I'll return to this tomorrow when there is another piece to the puzzle.

  11. Abra, There were two Petersons that were photographers..JC and JT..I looked at both of them..and then realized that it is a photo by JC because his name is on the back! A name for tomorrow Josiah S Reese born about 1845 married Jane..Children Clara and Abbe:)

  12. Yes I think it was a common practice to adopt out or send away children after the death of a parent ..especially with girl children that were Grandmother went to live with her Fathers Sister (Grandmas Aunt) until she married.:)

  13. My head still hurts from trying to unscramble the Peterson/Johnson tangle.

    :) I am begining to think half the people in Minnesota back at the turn of the century were either Petersons or Johnsons.

  14. After much thought and revisiting this photo a few times, I really think this is not a wedding photo, but a photo of Lottie and Josiah Seal Reese, brother and sister, perhaps around the time Josiah married. If Lottie married at all, it wasn't until much later. I am sending a link to a family tree owner that has the Reeses in their tree.

  15. I think it is brother and sister also..Thanks for sending the link to the Reese tree holder:)

  16. I stumbled upon death certificate and marriage record for a Carlotta Reese, who married a Clarence Deal in North Carolina. They also lived in Michigan. She married (1906) and died (1968) in North Carolina, but was buried in Michigan. Her parents were listed as James Reese and Jane Berr, and she was born in Minnesota, but the year 1882 for birth is different, as I found her in 1875 & 1880 censuses. Also, I believe her mother's correct name is June Barr, but depending where the death certificate information originated, it could be a translation error.

  17. Wow. I love what you're doing with the photos, and it looks like you've pretty much got this one figured out. I'm the Reese tree holder. I just discovered my connection to the Reese family when I was researching in Hutchinson last Oct. My 2nd gr-grandmother's sister, Harriet Neil is married to Colman Andrew Reese, who is the brother to Josiah S Reese in #413, and who raised Carlotta "Lottie" in this photo. Charles, who was born the same month and year as Lottie, but in IL, is Harriet's nephew (the brother of my gr-grandfather Chapman that I'd never been able to find!) Charles' mother died of childbirth fever when he was born & there were 5 other siblings that his father continued to raise.

    The death and marriage records for Carlotta Reese sound interesting. I've gone back & forth with the census' handwriting as to whether June's name is June or Jane. As you said, the name could be a translation error. The year is a stretch, but everything else seems too much of a coincidence. What month did it say she was born? The 1900 census said Mar 1876.

    Sure hope you find someone who’s connected closely to these photos. I would like to ask your permission, though, to copy it digitally to put on my family tree with acknowledgment to your site. I’m finding that some people are using Ancestry just for research, so aren’t “reachable” as I was, but might find the photo and contact you. Thank you. I’ll be watching for family photos now!

  18. Hi Nancy, If you contact me through email I will send you copies through email that will be better quality copies than off of the blog. You are welcome to use them on Ancestry.
    Thank you for all the added information!
    My email is under my profile info next to the yellow flower on the left! :) Connie

  19. I have been researching Josiah Seal Reese(1868/69 Yellow Medicine, Minnesota)married Emma Oleson about 1899 in Carthage Missouri. Their first- child/son is William (1900) is my grandfather. I believe Josiah's father is James Harrison Reese and he married Arvilla Jane Barr (born May 1849) on 14 Jan 1868 in Carver Co., Minnesota. The many census' vary between Arvilla, Jane and June, but I believe it is Jane-although all are handwritten and guessed at. Josiah(1868/69) went by J S Reese, Josiah, Seal, and J Seal Reese on the census reports- making it fun to follow him. I haven't seen Selia as a nickname along my search, I would have guessed that was the female in the photo if I didn't know there was a cousin named Carlotta-thus Lottie! We don't have any family records going back further than Josiah Seal Reese (1868/69) including siblings so the search has been crazy. I've done a search to see if there are any other photos in the database, but I haven't used this site prior to this search and can say I haven't figured it out yet. Also, I wonder if the couple at the top is actually my gr grandfather and not the Uncle Josiah, he does resemble the Lottie and Seal photo more, and the tie he is wearing seems more recent. Just wondering if it's Emma and Josiah. Thanks again for your help.

  20. I got some information from Karen:

    I used my browser and found your site.

    I'm researching my husband's BARR line.

    Arvilla Jane Barr married:

    1) James Harrison Reese

    2) John/James W Shada

    3) possible John Calvin Row...went by the name of Jane S Shada back then. They were both residents of St. James,MO Veterans Home.

    Am sending probably more than you care to read...LOL


    Karen Castle

    Marriage Index K-Z for Carver County, MN
    No.: 634
    Gentleman's Name: Reese,James H.
    Lady's Name: Barr,Versella Jane
    License Month: 1
    License Day: 14
    License Year: 1868
    Month of Return: 2
    Day of Return: 2
    Year of Return: 1868
    Book: C
    Page: 89

    James Reese (d. 30 Mar 1882)
    James Reese died 30 Mar 1882 in Yellow Medicine Co., MN. He married Arvilla Jane Barr, daughter of Jacob I. Barr and Harriet A. Johnston.
    Notes for James Reese:
    Military Service - Civil War Union MN unit 1st Regiment, MN Heavy Artilillery, Company G. He ranked in Private, rank out Corporal. Atl. name James H. Rease, film # M546 roll 7
    Children of James Reese and Arvilla Jane Barr are:
    J Seal Reese, b. 1869, d. date unknown.
    Elizabeth A Reese, b. 1871, d. date unknown.
    Sarah Ann Reese, b. 1873, d. date unknown.
    Arvilla J Reese, b. 1874, d. date unknown.
    Myshel Fay Reese, b. 1880, d. date unknown.

    1. More from Karen:
      Arvilla Jane Barr (b. May 1849, d. date unknown)
      Arvilla Jane Barr (daughter of Jacob I. Barr and Harriet A. Johnston) was born May 1849 in Gibson Township, Elk County, PA, and died date unknown.
      She married twice:
      (1) James Reese.
      (2) James W. Shada on 1890.
      Notes for Arvilla Jane Barr:
      1860 US Census - Arvilla appears in Gibson Township, Elk County PA, page 82, as "Arabella J." 11 yr. female in the household of Harriet and Jacob.
      1868 - Arvilla married James Reese
      1885 State of MN Census, Arvilla is listed in the Town of Woodlake, Yellow Medicine Co, MN page 3, as Arvilla Reese, age 35 (no husband shown) with 5 children born in MN.
      1890 - Arvilla married James Shada
      1900 US Census - Arvilla is listed in the town of Carthage, Jasper County, State of Missouri, age 51, with her husband, James Shada age 47 male born in Iowa. Harriet A. Barr age 70. The Census indicates she had 7 children and 5 living and is married 10 years to Shada.
      1910 US Census - Carthage, Ward 3, Jasper Co. Missouri - Arvilla Shada age 60, - James W Shada age 60 - Roll T624, page 10B.----* Note that Harriet A. Barr is not now listed in this household.
      1920 US Census - Carthage, Ward 3, Jasper Missouri - Jane Shada age 75 , head of houshold, widow, own's home, estimated YOB 1845 - Roll T625, Page 16B EU Dist. 83, Image 841
      note: It is likely that Arvilla applied for her husband James Reece Civil War service widow's pension. See Military service information, James Reece
      More About Arvilla Jane Barr and James W. Shada:
      Marriage: 1890
      Children of Arvilla Jane Barr and James Reese are:
      J Seal Reese, b. 1869, d. date unknown.
      Elizabeth A Reese, b. 1871, d. date unknown.
      Sarah Ann Reese, b. 1873, d. date unknown.
      Arvilla J Reese, b. 1874, d. date unknown.
      Myshel Fay Reese, b. 1880, d. date unknown.

      James Reese
      Birth: Mar. 4, 1841
      Death: Mar. 30, 1882
      Burial: Ferguson Cemetery Plato,Carver County,Minnesota
      Created by: Barbara Johnson
      Record added: May 20, 2011
      Find A Grave Memorial# 70143239

      Josiah S. Reese
      Birth: 1868
      Death: 1941
      Burial: Saint James Cemetery Saint James,Phelps County,Missouri
      Created by: Gravefinder1
      Record added: Aug 19, 2011
      Find A Grave Memorial# 75175571

      Get obituaries and find what happened to Josiah's mother Arvilla Jane Barr Reese Shada.

      Louisa K. Reese
      Birth: 1868
      Death: 1950
      Burial: Saint James Cemetery Saint James,Phelps County,Missouri
      Created by: Gravefinder1 E-Mail:
      Record added: Aug 19, 2011
      Find A Grave Memorial# 75175664

      Josiah S Reese
      4 Nov 1868 - 6 Jun 1941
      Parents not listed.
      Informant: Mrs. Louisa K Reese

      Louisa K Brady Reese
      26 Mar 1867 - 4 Sep 1950
      Husband: J. S. Reese
      Parents: John Brady and Mary Molder
      Informant: Edy Wilson St. James,MO

    2. More from Karen

      James W. Shada
      Birth: Sep. 23, 1855 Iowa
      Death: Jan. 5, 1916 Carthage,Jasper County,Missouri

      Horse Instrumental in Starting Farmer on Search for Aged Laborer - Coroner Investigates

      James W. Shada, a laborer who resided at 720 Sycamore street, died some time yesterday afternoon while he was at work cutting wood on a farm five miles southwest of Carthage, which belongs to George Brown, his body, cold and stiff, being found by A. C. Wood, who resides on the farm, about 6 o'clock last evening.
      Coroner A. R. Snyder, of Joplin, came to Carthage this afternoon and made an investigation into the incident connected with the death. He signed the burial permit stating that his finding was that the man came to his death from natural causes. He said the evidence from the witnesses examined indicated that the man had exerted himself at his work and that he was stricken with heart trouble or some such disease. Wintesses said that it was about 3 o'clock when the sound of the man's ax was heard the last time.
      Mr. Shada, who had a contract to clear up an old orchard on the Brown farm, had been working there for some time.
      The horse which the woodchhopper drove to a wagon in hauling wood was instrumental in the discovery of the body. The horse which usually permitted to graze the orchard, went down near the barn about dark and when it was seen there members of Mr. Wood's family, knowing that Mr. Shada usually quit work earlier than that, feared that something had happened to him. Mr. Wood lighted a lantern and went in search of him.
      After a considerable while of searching the man's body was found by Mr. Wood. It lay face up in the edge of a small pile of brush. It appeared that Shada was standing up chopping when he was stricken and had fallen backward into the brush pile. In front of where he had stood was a log partly chopped in two. The saw and axe were close by, the axe being under one of the legs of the dead body.
      Officers in Carthage were notified of the death, and Constable John Belknap accompanied an undertaker to the scene and the body was brought to the Knell Undertaking Company's morgue in this city.
      Mr. Shada, who ws 60 years old, had resided in Carthage many years. He is survived by the wife.
      He had been considerable crippled for several years, having suffered severe injuries when he was caught under a tree which he was felling. He formerly was in the dray and teaming business.

      Funeral services were conducted at the Poplar Street Methodist Episcopal Church
      Rev. Dr. W. F. Jones, superintendent of the Carthage district of the Methodist Episcopal church officiated.

    3. More from Karen:

      Only ancestral history on death certificate was the father's name: Ruben Shada Birthplace: Iowa
      Informant: Mrs. A J Shada 720 Sycamore St. (Arvilla Jane Barr Shada)
      Death certificate # 1849 listed Oak Hill Cemetery being place of burial, but he is buried in Park Cemetery.

      Burial: Park Cemetery Carthage,Jasper County,Missouri
      Created by: I remember when
      Record added: May 08, 2011
      Find A Grave Memorial# 69487978

      Jane S Rowe
      b. 17 May 1849 Lusern County,PA
      d. 21 Feb 1940 St. James,Phelps County,MO
      (Could this be Arvilla Jane Barr ?)
      St. James, Phelps County,MO
      Soldiers Home of Missouri
      Length of stay: 15 years
      Parents not known
      Informant: J. D.(?) Reese
      Buried: 1 Mar 1940 St. James,MO

      If this is our Arvilla Jane Barr Reese Shada...she married 3rd time to _ ROWE/ROW after 1920 Carthage,Jasper County,MO Census while being a resident in the Veteran's Home at St. James,MO

      Jane S. Rowe
      Birth: May 17, 1849 Luzerne County,Pennsylvania
      Death: Feb. 21, 1940 Saint James,Phelps County,Missouri
      Resident of the Home: 15 years
      wife of Calvin
      Burial: Saint James Veterans Home Cemetery Saint James,Phelps County,Missouri
      Created by: Anonymous
      Record added: Dec 19, 2011
      Find A Grave Memorial# 82170244

      Calvin Row
      b. 4 Jul 1842 Ohio
      d. 13 Feb 1931 Soldiers Home of St. James,Phelps Co.,MO
      Resident of the Home: 9 years
      Married to: Jane S. Row
      Parents: Unknown
      Informant: H E Goman (?)
      Burial: Saint James Veterans Home Cemetery Saint James,Phelps County,Missouri

      Pedigree Resource File
      name: Arvilla Jane Shoda /Reese/
      gender: Female
      birth: 17 MAY 1849 PA
      Marriages (1)
      spouse: John Calvin /Row/
      submitter: lscholten1080826
      submission date: 06 Sep 2006
      submission id: MMSG-F8C
      person count: 10,244

      Pedigree Resource File
      name: John Calvin /Row/
      gender: Male
      birth: 4 JUL 1842 Ohio
      death: 13 FEB 1931 St James, Phelps Co. MO
      Marriages (2)
      spouse: Sarah Elizabeth /Prince/
      marriage: 11 SEP 1865 Marshfield, Webster Co., MO
      spouse: Arvilla Jane Shoda /Reese/
      submitter: lscholten1080826
      submission date: 06 Sep 2006
      submission id: MMSG-F8C
      person count: 10,244

  21. From Karen
    Hello Connie,

    Finally received obits for Arvilla Jane Barr, her son and 3rd husband.



    20 February 1931
    Mr. Calvin Row was born July 4, 1842 in the state of Ohio. He enlisted in the Union Army August, 1862 as a private in Company D of the 8th Missouri Calvary.
    He entered the State Federal Home May 30, 1922 and has been a member ever since that date until his death which occurred Freburary 13, 1931. He was 88 year, 8 months and 9 days old. He was laid to rest in the Home cemetery on February 11, with taps sounded as a military honor, and his wife, who was so faithful to him, will be left as a member of the Home to mourn his loss.

    1 March 1940
    Mrs. Jane Shada Rowe was born in Lusern County, Pennslyvania May 17, 1849.
    She was married to Calvin Rowe in the Soldiers' Home in St. James, Missouri some fifteen years ago, where she entered as a member from Carthage, Missouri as Mrs. Jane Shada.
    She died in the Institution February 21, 1940. Mrs. Rowe was a devout member of the Methodist Church and lived a life of devotion to her God and friends.
    During her last years she was confined in the Hospital at the Soldiers' Home and all through her suffering she never forgot to be friendly and happy as it was possible under her condition.
    She leaves to mourn her death, her son, Mr. J. R. Reese and wife of St. James, Missouri, also a host of friends in the Soldiers' Home and in the Methodist Church of which she was a member.
    Her remains were laid to rest beside her husband in the Soldiers' Home Cemetery, Rev. Wilson presiding, Jonas and Gorman service.
    Pallbearers were Veterans from the Institution. Music furnished by the personel of the Institution.

    13 June 1941
    Josiah S. Reese died at his home in St. James, Friday June 6 at the age of 72 years.
    Funeral services were conducted from the Licklider Funeral Home Saturday by Rev. Keeney. Burial at the Masonic Cemetery.

  22. From Karen
    Hello Connie,

    Thanks so much for adding those obits to your old photos site !!!

    I still have not received any e-mails from Nancy or Diana Stoller Phillips.

    I have no problem at all if you would like to post my e-mail address in your blog.

    Perhaps this will be easier for the others to contact me.

    I am still so thrilled finding info about my Arvilla Jane Barr thanks to your site !!!

    You are truly a "gene" jewell.


  23. This photo was mailed to Diana on November 01, 2012 :)

  24. Connie these pictures are priceless!! Such a treasure for our family! Thank you so much for your work, and thank you to all those who spent time researching this family. Your entries are very helpful and interesting. I have a picture of my grandfather William Seal Reese born 1900 standing with Arvilla Rowe. He is about 9 years old and we didn't know the origin of the Rowe name. We knew she had remarried James Shada, but your information helps very much to piece that out. We currently have a good line with census backup to show my grandfather William Seal, to Josiah Seal Reese, to James Harrison Reese, to William Henery Reese )1817). We are stuck again at that point, but step by step we will find the rest. Thank you and please know your efforts are so appreciated!!


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