Monday, January 24, 2011

Photo Number 434

This is the photo on page number 30 in the Nettie Parks Album.

Page 30 St Clair

There is just one notation on this cabinet card..St Clair.  It is a shame that we cannot see more of her dress.  She seems to have a beautiful handkerchief at her neckline held under the lacy collar with a long pin. Late 1890’s is my best guess on this one.  The card is blank on the back.

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  1. Beautiful picture Connie.

  2. There are bunch of St Clair's living in and around in Macedonia, Iowa. Some with familar names like Gladys, Hattie, Mable, Nellie, Viola, and Clara. One has the unusual name of Zelpha. Any guess on how old she is? :)

  3. Looking at so many of these old photos of women I am stunned sometimes at how defined their features were - and they did not use cosmetics in the way modern women do. This lady has intense and striking eyes, fine planes in her cheeks, and a mouth that looks like it would be expressive. How many of us have those same features yet would feel naked without our "war paint"?


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