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Photo Number 421

Pages 17 and 18
IMG_0767 Think this is Aunt Mary Gould……. + her husban Gould

Page 18 Think this is Aunt Mary Gould

Page 19 and her husband Gould

Page 18 and 19 Back
This is the back of both cards.

This are both Cabinet Cards..of Mary and her husband from Troy, PA. These photos were probably taken at the same time..I will guess around 1890.( Update from Al:  1886-1900  are the years F M Spencer was in Troy)   Relatives from back east?

Update from Iggy : Mr. Jehiel and Mary A Gould lived in Troy, PA in 1880 (US Census) with parent Sarah Crandall. Sarah Crandall would be Nettie Crandall Parks Grandmother. 
Mary Maude (nee Crandall) Gould was Nettie's aunt (her father's baby sister).

These are items that were tucked in these pages.
Page 18 and 19 Elton Taylor Card and carnation
A pressed carnation with a red bow and a card that says: Elton L. Taylor.
Update from Iggy: 
Elton Lavern Taylor was born September 29, 1905, Macedonia, Pottawattamie County, Iowa; the 5th children of 14 born to Orval Oscar and Louise Tabitha (Osler) Taylor; his siblings being: Ora Lee Taylor, Earl Clifford Taylor, Florence Opal Taylor, Lawrence Floyd Taylor, Saloma Itol Taylor, Harold O. Taylor, Kenneth Osler Taylor, Alberta Lucille Taylor, Louie Francis Taylor, John Westerfield Taylor, Mary Elizabeth Taylor, Kathryn J. Taylor, and Wilma G. Taylor.

He was united in marriage to Mildred Eunice Phillips on December 27, 1927 in Pottawattamie County, Iowa. To this union 4 known children were born: Orval Doran Taylor, Ronald Elton Taylor, John Duane Taylor, and Keith Harley Taylor.

Elton answered the call to the spirit world on July 16, 1968 in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas at the age of 62y, 9m, 17d. 

Page 18 and 19 between photo  A poorly framed photograph..of two women who might be related and a guy with his head chopped off.  The lady on the left looks pregnant to me. This is a much later photograph.
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  1. There is something so sweet about that pressed carnation. Poor guy with his head chopped off - looks like a picture I would take!

  2. I wonder why, on cabinet cards, they would shade out so much so that all that was left was a small isolated head in the centre of the photograph. Almost a waste of precious photographic paper.

  3. Interesting. I think this photo album was assembled (or labeled) by one of Nettie L. (nee Crandall) Parks' children. Given this carnation and obvious display of affection from Elton L. Taylor, I'd say one of Nettie's many daughters. According to the 1880 US census, Elton L. lived in Macedonia, Pottawattamie, Iowa and was born about 1906.

    So, which daughter was it? Mabel (abt 1897), Gladys (1903), Wilma (1912), Theo (1914), or Pauline (1916)?

    Gladys worked as a waitress for "Olive Jensen" according to 1929 Council Bluffs city directory. I'm leaning toward her. :)

    Mr. Jehiel and Mary A Gould lived in Troy, PA in 1880 (US Census) with parent Sarah Crandall. Nettie L. Crandall's father was from PA. Someone could probably figure out the relationship between them.

    The headless dude shot is a classic. LOL!

  4. how short her hair appears for the time period!!

  5. Elton L. Taylor ended up in Topeka, Kansas - he married a Mildred Phillips -

    Sarah Crandall was Nettie's grandmother. Mary Maude (nee Crandall) Gould was Nettie's aunt (her father's baby sister).

  6. Laurisa, I think her long hair is pulled back behind her head:)

  7. do you think any one is going to come forward on this album?

  8. Patsy, You never know..there are many more people and names:)

  9. I can't tell you anything about Elton L. Taylor, except that he was my great-uncle. I never met him. Orval and Louise (Louie) Taylor were my great-grandparents.


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