Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Photo Number 414

This is an unknown photo..unmarked. It is from the Dorset Antique Shop.
Gal on Porch Dorset
Gal on Porch back
I think this is just swell of you how many do you want?  I don’t like the one of Vie as well as I do of you + she that she knew just how.  Let me know how many of each you want.
What is she holding..perhaps roses cut with long stems?  I wonder what the occasion was and I wonder what Vie knew just how to do?  This photo might be from around 1915.
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Update:  I think we all agree long stemmed roses.. and Cheryl adds this :
"she thot she knew just how" - my interpretation is that this turned out much better than know it all Vie's photo!
I have to agree Cheryl..Thanks! 


  1. Beautiful photo; I wish we could see her feet/shoes.

  2. Kind of reminds me of Auntie Em from the Wizard of Oz.

  3. You know what I think? I think it says "she thot she knew just how" - my interpretation is that this turned out much better than know it all Vie's photo!

  4. I think Cheryl is correct: she is referring to the photo. Perhaps, the photo session was for engagement photo and she want to know how many copies to have made for friends/family.

  5. I read it much as Cheryl did, also that the "how many you want" question referred to the photo itself. I think the person writing it is either the photographer or the person buying the photos. At first I thought the woman was holding a bunch of Christmas greens (they are on my mind) but I do think they are in fact roses.


  6. Such a beautiful photo. She is lovely.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, Connie! I don't get many comments so it was a nice surprise!

  7. Nice picture. I am thinking school teacher for some reason! Maybe on a special recognition day? Ah, all the what if's!

  8. A picture filled with Character! I love it!

  9. What a wonderful photo and all the better with a message, We are peaking into her life for just a moment.

  10. what a pretty lady!! All the elements are nice...her position, the roses, the porch. Very nice picture.


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