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Photo Number 424

This is page number 23 in the Nettie Parks Album.
IMG_0770Louie Stennett was the name written on part of the trim that was then glued to the side of the decorative frame.
Page 23 Louie Stennett  The photographer Whitley was at the 303 RR Address in Elmira, NY in 1886.  This is a Cabinet Card.
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Update from Iggy:
Lucius E. Stennett (b. 1870 in Red Oak, Iowa) married at the age of 29, Mary J. Inick (b. 1875 in Macedonia, Iowa) who was 24 years old on when she married on 30 Sep 1899 in Red Oak, Montgomery, Iowa.

Lucius' parents were Chas. Stennett and Louisa Lowe. The bride's were Abram D. Inick and Elizabeth Reynolds.

The married couple moved to Ashland, Oregon with the groom's parents shortly after the wedding. By 1910, they had one son and three daughters, Arthur 9yrs, Edna Stennett 7yrs, Ellaleen Stennett 4yrs and Opal Stennett 1 yr.

Lucius grandfather, Wayne Stennett was one of the original settlers of Montgomery County, Iowa, moved there from Illinios around 1848.


  1. Sometimes faces seem to belong to certain epochs, but, put a rugby shirt on this young fellow, and he'd look like someone we'd see around us, today. Seems so pleased and confident. I hope his dreams were fulfilled.

  2. Interesting that the shot was from Elmira, NY. For those of you not familar with the lay of the land, Elmira, NY is just "over the state line" and due north of the other towns mentioned so far that are in Pennsylavania. Canton, Alba, and Troy lie along the main road (SR 14) to Elmira and are about 30 miles away.

    Even today, people from the still rural, sleepy towns of Troy, Alba, and Canton, PA shop in the malls and stores in Elmira, NY.

    Nettie's father's extensive family lived in this "upstate PA" region and some of the others, like the Goits, and Mccombs (her mom's side) came from the southern tier of NY (which would include Elmira).

    Council Bluffs, Iowa was a long way away - but in the fastest transporation of the day, it would have been a fairly simple railroad train ride (or two) to get "home".

    I agree with Star... this dude could be walking the streets today and noone would think twice. :)

  3. I believe this young man was Lucus Stennett (b. 1870), a member of the Charles Stennett (b. 1839) family living in Macedonia, Pottawattamie, Iowa.

    My thinking is he married one of Nettie's daughters and was taken "home" to visit the grandparents.


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