Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photo Number 435

This is page number 31 in the Nettie Parks Album.

Page 31 Little Girl with doll

This is a cabinet card of a delightful little girl and her doll.    It is not marked..other than the photographer Jos. Pearse of Genoa, Neb.  I do not see many cabinet cards that feature toys with children.

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  1. I wonder whether it was her doll or one kept as a prop by the photographer. The former, I hope.

  2. I know this photo was precious to this child.

  3. Awww, isn't she cute!!

    Genoa, Nebraska is about 130 miles due west of Council Bluffs/Macedonia Iowa. I wonder what this means...

    The only US census record I can find for Joseph Pearce living in Genoa, NE is from 1900 and it shows him born in 1857 in Canada, immigrating in 1874 and his occupation as "Carpenter".

  4. What a great old photo! She's so cute....

  5. sweet thang...although she seems a bit surprised, or worried.

  6. I wonder if they put the doll into the vignette with her because she was a bit scared. You are right - I don't see too many dolls or other toys in photos either.

  7. Fabulous. I love her expression -and it looks like she may be wearing some sort of traditional costume?
    P.S. I love your header!


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