Friday, January 7, 2011

Photo Number 417

This is an unknown couple from the shop in Dorset, Minnesota.  They have a “deer stuck in the headlights look” .  This photo is not marked in any way.

Staring Straight Ahead couple Dorset Antiques

It is a cabinet card…probably from around 1890. There seems to be some kind of elaborate velvet piece that adorns the top of this dress.  I am not quite sure what you would call it other than a fancy is not really a collar. Perhaps someone reading has an idea!

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  1. Can't recall seeing anything quite like the velvet top.

  2. Does this couple look familiar? Have you featured another picture of them before?

  3. I love that OMG! expression they have - its almost as if they are saying "You did WHAT?" to the photographer.


  4. Maybelline..Not that I know of..this is a new photo that I just acquired in December..but anything is possible:)

  5. I think I've seen patterns with that type of embellishment. I think it's sort of like a mantle that was draped over the dress, but I'm not certain.


  6. I had the same thought as Maybelline, and I thought maybe I'd seen that kind of embellishment before. Perhaps everyone is starting to look the same or related, or like one of my long lost relatives! Lol!! ~Abra

  7. I wonder how long they had to stand there like that. It's almost like they are not used to photographs, and got dressed up for the occasion.


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