Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Photo Number 150

Easter April 09, 1944, that is what is written in the back of these photos.  Someone took some photos of a baby.

It is hard to tell how old this woman is.  Is she the mother, or a favorite relative?  At any rate I bet that satin coverlet on the crib was a wonderful place to nap!  

I have just a few Easter related I will share them this week.
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  1. Cute baby! My friend has just given birth so I am very much appreciating cute babies today!

  2. The baby in the crib almost seemed like a doll and not a real person. Raising kids then compared to know with all the new things sure would have been a lot of work back then, diapers and all.

  3. This baby is only 65 today and could be reading this blog! :-)

  4. It looks like the sofa is also a sofa bed, no doubt with the nasty metal bar under the mattress that made a good night's sleep impossible.

  5. The gown she is wearing almost looks like a baptismal gown. I wonder if Easter doubled as the baby's baptism or if they were getting a secondary use out of the gown. By the 40s, I thought babies had stopped wearing long gowns except for baptism. Not sure, though.

  6. I don't think that is the mama. She is holding it more like an aunt or grandparent. (:


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