Monday, March 8, 2010

Photo Number 127

A mother and her daughters most likely.  They have a Border Collie, of course the dog did not hold still. They also made the poor little girl in the front get on her knees..she must have been quite tall. Interesting that all four dresses are different.   This is a post card..just a generic there is no way to date this photo..except to guess..I will guess 1910.  I got this card in an Antique shop in Park Rapids, Minnesota.
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  1. I thought they might all be sisters. The one in the back doesn't appear to be that much older.

  2. That's terrible to make the one in front kneel! I do love all the dresses.

    I will never forget going to a college girlfriend's wedding and a group of us girls having our photo made together. I was holding a large camera bag and no matter how you look at that photo, it appears I only have one leg. We also have several pictures taken here at home where one or the other of us is "wearing" a lampshade!!! The things we never stop to think about when staging photos!!!!!

  3. Mildred, I have a picture of myself with a wild head dress, which under close inspection reveals itself as a spider plant hanging about 25 feet behind me, ha ha.

    About the your clothes look exactly like your sisters' and friends? All women have varying tastes in fashion, especially between age groups.

  4. I think your time frame seems about right. I think the dresses of the three standing women look similar in style (high waists, half sleeves, etc.), with each having some individuality. ~Abra


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