Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photo Number 146

I was impressed with the presentation of this 1913 graduation photo. The photo is long, and the card folds to cover it, DI 1913 is on the front.  This photo was taken by Dworshak in Duluth, Minnesota.   This young man was one of seven men and eighteen women to graduate from Duluth Industrial High School.

 This photo is driving me you all know this is the week I was featuring men, and this was one of the photos I chose.  Then I unchose it because I had a different one I wanted to share.  Then last night I was sorting through my boxes of old photos looking for photos with an Easter theme.. and I ran onto another is in bad shape..this one is almost perfect.  Do- Do- Do- Do- I took it as a sign..that I needed to a little more research...what are the odds that I would pick up two of the same photos in the same Antique shop on different days?   The photo was speaking to me obviously.

Well now I am listening..and the speaking has stopped.  I did do some research..I found an email for a gal that has an "Oracle"( which I assume is a grouping of photos)  of the Class of 1913..her great aunt was also in this class.  I just wanted to identify my unknown.. The email came back ..undeliverable.  So I just sent a message to the manager of the site..we will see what develops.

I believe that this young mans name is John Hamilton Morgan.  Why?  Because in this box of old photos I have several Morgans..and I featured a Ed Morgan before..and a Morgan was in the Class list.  It was just a feeling...will we ever know??

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  1. Very interesting Connie.

  2. Sorry--I had to delete the last post (I don't care to see my serious grammar mistakes in print)! I'm back from vacation and looks like I need to do some catching up!

    I think your inkling may be correct on this photo. Of course, unless we find a living relative to confirm it, or the photo in a yearbook collection, we might not know for sure. Now, this is why I think you might be on to something:

    John Hamilton Morgan applied for the draft on June 5th 1917 (the day before his 21st birthday). He listed blue eyes, brown hair, medium height, medium build (those appear to be the features in this photo). There was also an Edward Morgan (age 24) that registered the same day in the same location, but I couldn't determine a relationship...yet!

    What I have determined through various census searches: John Hamilton Morgan is definitely the nephew to Edwin Morgan(photo 11). So it may be a coincidence that you have a photo of someone from the 1913 class that John H. Hamilton was a member of, or more likely, this is him. Maybe we will be able to figure out more as you post more Morgan photos.

    I love the new layout!!

  3. I love your new header and layout! Abra you may be onto something. I'll look at Ed Morgan tomorrow and see if there is any resemblance.


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