Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Photo Number 122

I thought this one looked foreign, it is also a CdV or a Cartes-de-visite. They measure 2 1/2 inches by 4 inches and were popular during the 1850's to 1900's.  Calling cards..I believe that if you visited someone you also left them your CdV in a bowl or basket in the foyer..pretty fancy stuff.
This is a beautiful photo, I cannot say for certain how old it is.. but the photographer was Bleasdale, at Ormskirk Rd. Preston.   This would be in North West England in Lancashire.
Thanks Norkio for sharing another great photo!
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  1. I agree. It is a beautiful photo. She was a pretty child. The calling card tradition is something I've never heard of. I imagine it was an expensive tradition for the 'rich and famous'.

  2. The complexity of the hat makes it look from overseas. It is quite and interesting photo.

  3. Just how did a photo from England wind up in an antique shop in California? For that matter, how did yesterday's photo from Maine wind up in the same shop?

  4. I think that calling cards are such a dignified idea. Almost sad that the tradition has died out.

    Could you imagine, laying in bed, sipping choooocolateeee. And a visitor must leave a calling card, because you don't wish to get up. LOL. Lazy person that would make us.


  5. The Carte-de-Visite [CdV] was so named because its size was similar to yet larger than an actual calling ["visitor"] card but it was not usually used as a calling card. Generally, a true calling card contained only a person's name, although a few very rare calling cards with tiny photos from the 1850's are known to exist. No doubt a CdV was occasionally used as a calling card in some casual situations -- but only if the name of the person in the photo was present, because a calling card's purpose was to state who had called on you when you were not available. True calling cards [not CdV's] were most often used by strangers who wished to introduce themselves.


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