Saturday, March 6, 2010

Photo Number 125

This is Lulu in 1883..she has beautiful eyes.  This is the last of the hat was a fun week..Thanks Norkio for sharing!
Chas P. Homrigs Art Gallery in Lafayette, Indiana was the photographer. This is also a CdV or a Cartes-de-visite. This is the opposite side of the CdV.. a great place to advertise and mark your photo.
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  1. Lulu is very pretty. I have enjoyed all the hat photos. Thanks to Norkio for sharing.

  2. Love the old photos....I have a few hat ones of these days I will publish them but you win the prize.

  3. She is absoutely stunning--her eyes are gorgeous--I wonder what color they are? It is hard to find a matching person in the census when you only have a first name--I found Indiana to have several Lafayettes (I imagine some are just townships). There was one Lulu in Lafayette, Madison Co., in 1880, but she was only 11-12 then, so would be only 14-15 here; this lovely lady looks older. ~Abra

  4. Unfortunately, I don't know who Lulu is, but I grew up near Lafayette, IN. Just wanted to let you know it's in Tippecanoe County, northwestern part of the state. Good luck finding her family.

  5. I left a comment last night that I grew up near Lafayette, IN and it's in Tippecanoe County. I must've accidentally deleted instead of submitting.

    Anyway, since it's my old stomping grounds, I got a little obsessed with old Lulu last night and stayed up waaay past my bedtime researching her. No luck finding out who she is so far. But I ruled out a couple of Lulus that she ISN'T. It's a start. I'll keep you posted if I find anything.

  6. Way to go Kelly! You submitted your comment just fine..I wasn't into my dashboard to approve comments last night. I approve all the older I don't miss them! :)


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