Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photo Number 135

This is a young gal graduating from Owatonna High School in 1902.  The photo was taken by George A Kamrath who was at the corner of North Cedar and Vines Streets in 1902.  This is written on the back side..
I found the Owatonna Alumni web site thinking for sure I would find the name.   The closest I can come is Sarah I Adams.  There were thirty students that year that graduated, twenty two of them were women, only one first name started with S.  I sent an email to the Alumni Association and asked them if they have a class photo with names..I have not heard anything back.   I think that this says Aunt Sare which may be a nickname....she was a Curtic girl.  No name even comes close on the class list, so I wonder if Aunt Sare got married and was known by her married name to who ever wrote on the back of the photo?   Another mystery.

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  1. I used to call a friend Sarie, her name was Sarah. It is a good guess that Sare is a nickname. I hope the Alumni Association gets back to you - I love these mysteries when all is revealed. :-)

  2. Sate, Satie and Sadie were also common nicknames for Sarah. My great-grandmother's best friend was a "Sate" Sarah.


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