Friday, March 26, 2010

Photo Number 145

This is a photo that I got at an Antique Shop in Perham , Minnesota.  It is a Cabinet Card. There are no names on the back.  It could be  brothers..who knows?   The fellow on the right has an unusual bow is plaid..

I did find out a little about the photographer at Elite Studio.  His name was O H Mulvane he was located Over 6E Main in Lead, South Dakota.  Upstairs his neighbors were a Dentist and a Doctor...they were located above a Drug least that is what the 1909 list of businesses in Lead says.  Lead was quite a little gold mine..with the Homestake Mine putting it on the map in 1877.

I have a hard time making Miners out of these fellows..they look more like card sharks. I will date this photo at 1905.

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  1. They do look a little like card sharks - LOL - But even miners can clean up pretty good - LOL

  2. Very spiffy dressers and I am amazed at how neat their hair lays down!

  3. My first thought was the guy on the right was a bagpiper. I have seen those plaid ties in photos of vintage bagpiper uniforms. A pair of card hustlers - you are so funny.

  4. I was wondering if they were the local law?


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