Monday, March 22, 2010

Photo Number 141

This fellow is all set to go out for the evening!   He is wearing one of those detachable stiff wing collars, complete with a white bow tie.  Very formal!  Some references call this collar a Wing Tip detachable..but from what I read Wing Detachable  is most correct.   These collars were always white, and always worn with a white shirt.  The collars were heavily starched and apparently quite tricky to get on without wrinkling them.  They were attached to the shirt with collar studs.

I got this photos at the Antique Shop in Perham, Minnesota.  I chose it because of the collar and the mustache!  Meddaugh was in Lead, South Dakota from 1862 to 1926.  I will date this cabinet card at 1900.
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  1. He is quite handsome. His profile is so finely chieseled. Love the collar and bow tie.

  2. Having worn a tied bowtie a few times, and tying a bowtie for others a few times, I can say that they are tricky too!


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