Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo Number 138

This is the photo that I talked about yesterday, the same photographer TM Swem of Fargo ND, the same pose.  Taken about the same time 1900 to 1913.  This beautiful young woman is wearing a two pieces I believe, there are lots of design features going on here..large buttons, puffed and gathered sleeves, heavily pleated skirt..the lace trim and the lace undershirt or blouse..I wonder what color it was?  I am thinking blue, but it was probably beige..practical color beige.
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  1. It is an interesting two piece. She seems to be young as if it were a graduation photo. Her face is a universal one that I have seen in many a different child that I have had in school. I don't know if it is Swedish or from that area but it does look like people I have known.

  2. Lovely photo, it is great to be able to compare the two now. I saw the following and thought of you, hope you like it! :-)

  3. Happy Frog and I, Thanks it was a great link..I really enjoyed the Fashion Show! :)

  4. I can't imagine wearing one of those dresses. They are beautifully detailed and I realize they were the fashion back then, but that high neck would drive me crazy. Women sure had to suffer to look nice.


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