Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photo Number 143

Well this is either a wedding or a funeral. I got this photo in Perham, Minnesota. I think it might be a father and his son.

The older guy on the left has a floppy bow tie and a  pocket watch chain.   The watch chain is a Single Albert or a Half Albert, these were always worn with the T going through a buttonhole.  The watch chain serves as a fob to grab the watch from the pocket and also prevents it from falling out and breaking or getting lost.  Pocket watches were fairly expensive.

 The younger man on the right has no pocket watch visible, but he has a regular bow tie and a silky looking handkerchief in his pocket. I will date this photo at 1910.

This photo has no photographers markings or names on it. Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)

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  1. They are definitely related! Same jaw, same mouth, same eyes. I wonder if it's a funeral. To the left of the frame, there is what looks like a monument that goes about 3/4 of the way up the photo. Makes me wonder if they are visiting their Civil War or SpanAm War relatives at the cemetery.


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