Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photo Number 129

This is Einar.   I love his haircut and the sailer inspired suit he is wearing.  The bench he is posing on is a beautiful piece of furniture. I am not sure what to call it ..a bench?  If anyone has seem anything like this before please share your knowledge!

The photographer was Brainard F. Childs he was a Premier Photo Artist in the UP of Michigan.  He started his studio there in the 1860's in Ishpeming.   I think this photo is much later than that probably around 1900, this is a Cabinet Card that I purchased in an Antique Shop in Park Rapids, Minnesota at one of my favorite shops run by a classmate of mine that I have known since the first grade.

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On February 1, 2012 this photo became Full Circle 45.


  1. The Beatles would have loved
    Einar's haircut.

  2. Love the new header:):)

  3. I found one Einar that fit this age group in Ishpeming. His name was Einar Johnson and his mother was widowed. They were Swedish. I just don't have enough information to know if this is him, though, unless somewhere we can tie your Michigan photos together. Do you have more than the Lundin's and Einar?

  4. Wow!!!!!
    I worked and lived in Ishpeming for the last 20 years and now live only 20 minutes away! I have never heard of that photographer, but I can ask around. I collect old photos from estate sales here, so I will have to see if the photographer is the same.
    Do you live close to or in the U.P.? I can't remember! If so, we HAVE to arrange a meeting!
    BTW, I love your new header..did you design it yourself??? I may have you do some work for me!

  5. Abra, That could be our Einar. Those two photos I got in one shop in one far as I know that is it..but I still have a whole box of photographs.. I have looked at them but not closely... I usually save that for when I scan and present them..kinda like a little surprise everyday.

    The Retired One, Fantastic..yes ask around about the photographer..maybe we can nail down a year anyway. Maybe you could check on a Einar Johnson in that area..and see if you can locate any relatives!!
    No, I live in Minnesota. These photos came from Minnesota Antique Shops. My Grandmothers entire family moved from Michigan to Minnesota because farming land was cheaper than in other areas.
    Thanks for the compliment on the header..yes I designed it myself..I have a program called Memory Mixer that is fun to work in! :)

  6. I like the header, too.
    I haven't done any work on my blog for a long time -- and I think I've forgotten how to do it. (getting old is the shitzkies)

  7. I may have found Einar. I compared an ault photo to this one, and the smile, hair color, and eyes all appear the same. I sent a message to the tree owner and keeping my fingers crossed that Einar will be no longer forgotten. He's been one of my soft spots over the years! ;-) Abra

  8. I sent this to another person that has Einar Werner in his private family tree. Perhaps he is a grandson of Einar. (I really hope this is the right Einar, and I believe it is). I hope someone wants him home! ~Abra

  9. Hello, I was contacted by Abra regarding your Photo of Einar.
    His name is Einar Axel WARNER(later WERNER)he was born July of 1893 in Ishpeming, Marquette Co, Michigan.

    His Parents actually met on the ship coming from Bersbo, Värna, Östergotland, Sweden in 1888. His father was Stephen "Emil" VARNER (WERNER)b.1867 in Bersbo, Värna, Östergotland, Sweden and his mother was Amanda Christina HOLMGREN b. 17 July 1867 in Bersbo, Värna, Östergotland, Sweden.

    On the ships roster "Emil" was destined for Ishpeming (line92) and Amanda was bound for New York....he must have changed her mind, because they both came to Ishpeming and were married in 1889. Amanda is the sister of my 3rd great grandfather, Anders Frederick (A.F.) HOLMGREN who married Johanna HAGLOF. Anders was killed in a mine in Ishpeming in 1903. at the age of 55.

    My email address is I live in Roscoe, IL.

  10. Yeah. Einar can finally go home!! ~Abra

  11. I mailed Einar off to Illinois on Thursday Jan 26, 2012:)


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