Monday, March 15, 2010

Photo Number 134

Recently I was in an Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.  I went through a bunch of old photos very rapidly..choosing them for the dress styles..or for their hair styles..I chose this was marked on the back.  Rev and Mrs Arthur Meilicke and Clement written in ink.  Written in pencil is Marie ( I thought this might be the Mrs. name, later I found out it was not. So it must have belonged to someone named Marie) I believe this photo was taken in 1901.  The Mrs. later learned to be Eugenia is wearing a broach or a locket with a photograph of an elderly man in it.  Clement has a heart shaped locket.

There was another photo that day, it was practically like brand new, incased in a wax paper like sleeve.  It had writing on the back..I did not read what..I just added it to my pile. 

Now what would the odds be that I would grab photos of the same family?  Taken a few years apart?  I realized this after I got home.  This is Rev and Mrs Arthur Meilicke, Eugenia Strehlow Meilicke, Clement and Myron. I believe this photo was taken in 1905.  Arthur has a star shaped pin in his lapel. Clement and Myron seem to be wearing matching clothing.  Clement has a collection of star pins and various buttons.

This is what I learned in a search.  Arthur was born in a log cabin on July 01, 1872 when his parents lived in Oak Ridge, Minnesota.  In 1878 his parents moved to Elba, Minnesota, then in 1882 they moved to Casselton , North Dakota.   Arthur went to the Moravian College and Theological Seminary in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  He was ordained in Goshen, North Dakota.  He was called to Hector, Minnesota and then to Wisconsin Rapids.

He married Eugenia Strehlow on October 12, 1898 at Casselton , North Dakota.  I think that he probably met his future wife when his family moved there in 1882..perhaps they went to school together.  Casselton is not a very big "town."  Anyway they had five boys, three who lived.  Clement, Myron and Francis.

I believe that Clement graduated from Wisconsin Rapids High School in 1919.  He and Helen are in the 1930 census in Winnebago, Wisconsin.  Helen  died in 1992 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Myron graduated from High School in 1923. I believe he also went on to the Moravian College in Pennsylvania.  I believe his son Myron Meilicke Jr. went to College in Colorado..he probably was instrumental in introducing Alpha Pie Omega to the Moravian Campus in 1959.

 I couldn't find anything out about Francis.

There must be relatives of these people out there someplace.  If they contact me, I am more than willing to mail them these photos.

I  would also like to encourage people, if you are searching for your relatives..keep doing searches every once in awhile on the Internet..someone may have shared something about your relatives on a blog!  I bet within a week or two these photos are headed home.
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**Update** March 31. 2010 
These photos are headed home..more details to follow soon:)  

****Update : May 31, 2010 
ameilicke left me this information..I do thank him for sharing what he knew about this family! 
Francis became a doctor and lived in Bethlehem, PA. My aunt Myrtle, now 106, lived with him and was a school teacher and eventually the Headmistress of the Moravian Prep school there. Carl Arthur is my great uncle. 

This photo is Full Circle 8 on July 14, 2010


  1. It is exciting that you were able to find the family history. I hope these find a home. They are wonderful family photos. I really like what you have done with your header. It looks fantastic.

  2. I too truly enjoy your blog..
    the header is really nice..
    but the photos you post..
    and their stories..
    just awesome!
    warm hugs, laughing smiles..

  3. How extraordinary! What a great blog post, I'm keeping everything crossed these photos head home asap! :-)

  4. I agree with the others, your header is just perfect for the blog. I love these photos today and the history you have shared. I hope there will be a happy ending to this story too!

  5. Oh I really hope their family runs across this blog. I just love the idea of the photos going home!

  6. How do you do it? !!! I am so impressed by your blog and your research. What a great thing you are doing. Thanks.

  7. These are neat photos. That dress style almost looked Chinese or Asian with the cut and the buttons. It is amazing to find out so much about the family.

  8. I was randomly surfing the Internet to see what might be posted there for me when I found your website. What a coincidence. Just a few months ago I sent some photos to Melvin (Mike) Meilicke the grandson of Carl Arthur, and I have located another with Carl Arthur, Eugenia, Clement, Francis, my parents and a few other relatives. Francis became a doctor and lived in Bethlehem, PA. My aunt Myrtle, now 106, lived with him and was a school teacher and eventually the Headmistress of the Moravian Prep school there. Carl Arthur is my great uncle. If you have copies of these or any other Meilicke photos I would love to get them.

  9. ameilike, Thanks for leaving a comment. I have mailed the photos to someone who is related to a relative..I have not heard anything back from them. I will email you:)

  10. This is Myron M Meilicke, Jr son of Myron Meilicke. I was just cruising the web and ran into your web site. Wow, how in the world did you uncover all that you did. Yes, I did go the University of Colorado and transferred to Moravian in my Sophomore year graduating 1960. And yes I did start Alpha Phi Omega.

    I believe "Marie" that you referenced was Eugenia Strehlow sister. She is buried in Casselton. I would also love to hear from the other decedents of Eugenia and Carl. My email address is


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