Thursday, March 4, 2010

Photo Number 123

This gal has a great hat, but terribly short you suppose it is all piled up underneath that hat?  This is another foreign CdV.   I searched for E Denney.. he was a photographer that took some photographs  after a disastrous winter storm ravaged through Devon, Cornwall and West Somerset on the night of March 9, 1891. Exeter and Teignmouth are two little villages seventeen miles away from each other, Teignmouth is a seaside village.  I am still confused about the correct way to describe this location.. is it Great Britain, the UK or just England? Confusing .. I wonder who brought this CdV over the pond..perhaps this beautiful young lady herself, or perhaps a suitor tucked it safely in his trunk.
This is another of the photos that Norkio so graciously shared this week!
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  1. Quite the interesting hat--it looks like she was out bird hunting! It is always interesting to wonder why and how these pictures ended up where they did! ~Abra

  2. I'll bet her hair was brushed upward and hat pins were pushed through the hat into her hair to hold this monster hat on her head!!!!!

  3. Found your blog today and have really enjoyed looking through it. I think it is a lovely idea and I'm so pleased you have been able to re-unite some of the photos with the appropriate families. In terms of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset they are all situated in England so England should be fine! (If in doubt though it is always safest to go with United Kingdom!).

  4. I noticed that she is wearing something either white fur or white feathers, some kind of cloak or coat?


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